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Textiles: Medieval England

Updated: Dec 17, 2023


A Medieval Tablet Woven Braid From a Buckle Found at Felizstowe Crowfoot, Grace M



A reanalysis of fleece evolution studies Christiansen, Carol A



Adorning Medieval Life: Domestic and Dress Textiles as Expressions of Worship in Early Medieval England. Hyer, Maren Clegg


Clothes Make the (Wo)Man: Interpreting Evidence of the Secondhand Clothing Trade in Late Medieval England Kwan, Erin


Dress at the Court of King Henry VIII: The Wardrobe Book of the Wardrobe of the Robes prepared by James Worsley in December 1516, edited from Harley MS 2284, and his Inventory prepared on 17 January 1521, edited from Harley MS 4217, both in the British Library ed. Hayward, Maria


Dressed in Blue: The Impact of Woad on English Clothing c. 1350-1670 Hayward, Maria


Encyclopedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles of the British Isles, c. 450-1450.

Book Owen-Crocker, Gale and Elizabeth Coatsworth and Maria Hayward


English Medieval Embroidery: Opus Anglicanum

Book Brown, Clare and Glyn Davis, and M.A. Michael eds


Fashioning Change: The Trope of Clothing in High and Late Medieval England

Book Denny-Brown, Andrea


Fashioning Death: The Chioce and Representation of Female Clothing on English Medieval Funeral Monuments, 1250-1450 Walker, Pamela Anne



From Apareil to Warderobe: Some Observations on Anglo-French in the Middle English Lexis of Cloth and Clothing Chambers, Mark and Louise Sylvester

Chapter Title


Fleece Grading and Wool Sorting: The Historical Perspective Ryder, ML


Guilds, Laws, and Markets for Manufactured Merchandise in Late-Medieval England


"I Cannot Do't without Counters": Fleece Weights and Sheep Breeds in Late Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Century England Bischoff, JP


Love and Hope: Emotions, Dress Accessories, and a Plough in Later Medieval Britain c. AD 1250-1500. Standley, Eleanor R


Making and Marketing Woollen Cloth in Late-Medieval London Oldland, John


Masculinities and the Medieval English Sumptuary Laws Phillips, Kim M.



Materializing Resistant Identities Among the Medieval Peasantry: An Examination of Dress Accessories From English Rural Settlement Sites Smith, Sally V


Medieval and Later Trade in Textiles Between Belgium and England. The picture from some finds of cloth seals. Egan, Geoff



Moralities of Dress and the Dress of the Dead in Early Medieval Europe Bazelmans, Jos


Producing Women: Textile Manufacture and Economic Poweron Late Medieval and Early Modern Stages Higginbotham, Derrick


Recent palaeoenvironmental evidence for the processing of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in eastern England during the medieval period Gearey, BR et al


Rich Apparel: Clothing nad Law in Henry VIII's England Hayward, Maria



Sheep in Wealth's Clothing: Social Reproduction across the Bronze Age to Iron Age Transition in Wiltshire, Southern England Valdez-Tullett, Andy


Shoes, Boots, Leggings, and Cloaks: The Augustinian Canons and Dress in Later Medieval England Fizzard, Allison D


Silk Cloths Purchased for the Great Wardrobe of the Kings of England, 1325–1462


Some Aspects of the Linen Trade c. 1130s to 1500, and the Part Played by the Mercers of London Sutton, Anne F


Some Documentary Sources for the Import and Distribution of Foreign Textiles in Later Medieval England Harding, Vanessa A


Statistics of Sheep in Medieval England: A Question of Interpretation Lennard, Reginald


The Evolution of the Fleece Ryder, ML


The Fortunes of the English Textile Industry during the Thirteenth Century Miller, Edward


The History of Sheep Breeds in Britain Ryder, ML


The History of Sheep Breeds in Britain (Continued) Ryder, ML


The 'Industrial Crisis' of the English Textile Towns c. 1290-1330 Munro, John H


The Production of ‘Narrow Ware’ by Silkwomen in Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century England


The Rise of the English Stocking Export Trade Croft, Pauline


The Social Significance of late Medieval Dress Accessories Cassels, AK


The structure of the market for wool in early medieval Lincolnshire Faith, Rosamond


The Technology of Medieval Sheep Farming: Some Evidence from Crawley, Hampshire, 1208-1349 Page, Mark


The Tombs of Archbishops Walter de Gray (1216-55) and Godfrey de Ludham (1258-65) in York Minster, and their Contents." Archaeologia CIII (1971), pp. 101-147 Ramm, H.G.



Usage and Meaning of Early Medieval Textiles: A Structural Analysis of Vestimentary Systems in Francia and Anglo-Saxon England Magoula, Olga et al


Women's Devotional Bequests of Textiles in the Late Medieval English Parish Church c. 1350-1550. Lowe, Nicola A


Wool and Cloth Production in Late Medieval and Early Tudor England Oldland, John


Wools from textiles in the Mary Rose, a sixteenth-century English warship Ryder, ML


Wool Yields in the Medieval Economy Stephenson, MJ


Working Hand Knitters in England from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Centuries


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