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Viking Denmark: Textiles


Denmark - Europe: Dress and Fashion in Denmark's Viking Age Krag, Anne Hedeger

Chapter Title: Northern Archaeological Textiles


Everyday Products in the Middle Ages : Crafts, Consumption and the individual in Northern Europe c. AD 800-1600 Hansen, Gitte and Baug, Irene and Ashby, Steven


Leather Shoes in Early Danish Cities: Choices of Animal Resources and Specialization of Crafts in Viking and Medieval Denmark

Brandt, Luise Ørsted and Jannie Amsgaard Ebsen and Kirstine Haase


Lost and found: Viking Age human bones and textiles from Bjerringhøj, Denmark

Book Rimstad, Charlotte and Ulla Mannering, Marie Louise S. Jørkov, and Marie Kanstrup


New dye analyses of Danish Viking Age textiles from Bjerringhøj, Hvilehøj and Hedeby

Berghe, Ina Vanden and Ulla Mannering and Charlotte Rimstad


New light on a Viking garment from Ladby, Denmark Krag, Anne Hedeger



North European Textile Production and Trade in the 1st Millenium AD


Oriental Influences in the Danish Viking Age: Kaftan and Belt with Pouch Krag, AH


Retting pits for textile fibre plants at Danish prehistoric sites dated between 800 B.C. and A.D. 1050 Andresen, Stina Troldtoft and Sabine Karg


Taxonomic identification of Danish Viking Age shoes and skin objects by ZooMS (Zooarchaeology by mass spectrometry) Brandt, Luise Ørsted and Ulla Mannering


The aprondress from Køstrup (grave ACQ) Thunem, Hilde



The Danish Trade Monopoly in the North Atlantic and the Transformation of Women's Roles in Textile Production Smith, Michèle Hayeur

Chapter Title: The Valkyries’ Loom: The Archaeology of Cloth Production and Female Power in North Atlantic


Travelling with textiles – production, consumption, and trade in the Viking Age

Chapter Title: Asia and Scandinavia New Perspectives on the Early Medieval Silk Roads

Strand, Eva Andersson


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