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Calontir Event Planning


We've tried to bring useful information about hosting events altogether in one place. Most of this information is available on the various officer pages at the Kingdom of Calontir.

*These are for events that do not require a bid*


                                         Before the Event

Event date - Your first step is deciding on a date. This helpful guide from the Reeve explains the items you should consider. Once you decide on a date complete and submit this form to the Reeve. If you have any questions you can contact the Reeve at

Event Site - Once you have confirmation from the Reeve you can reserve your site.

Insurance & Equestrian Insurance  - Click the links for documents

Site Considerations              
                Wheelchair accessibility - Ramps, wide doorways,                     
      bathroom stalls, and elevators if multiple floors.              
                Adult-sized tables, chairs, and toilets -Elementary                           Schools can be an issue             

               Accessibility crews - volunteers at gate to help people
               negotiate walkways and carry their belongings into                           the main area
               Parking - add marked spaces near the buildings for             
               handicapped spots. Just like we do for TRM and Staff           
              Reserve a row at the front of court for those with a                            hearing, sight, or mobility impairments

              Arrange for a Good Hand Herald for sign language                   

             Post ingredient lists with the menu ahead of the event                     for feast and inn so people with food allergies can                              make other arrangements if needed           

            Designate a quiet room so those who need a calm                             place have  somewhere to go           

  Allow outside food in the building - those with                                   children, blood sugar issues, and food allergies likely                        need more than what an inn or concession stand can                        accommodate                

           All gender bathrooms                

           Bathroom baskets - feminine products, band aids,                            bobby pins, hair ties, safety pins, hand lotion

           Does the site allow alcohol?     
           Does the site allow weapons? 

 Activities - Some activities require individuals with warrants or marshallates. And some duties must be completed by paid members. Be sure you have a qualified person to oversee these activities if you want to include them in your event.

Marshalls are needed for: Rattan fighting, Cut & Thrust, Archery, Thrown Weapons, and Equestrian.

Warranted people are needed to oversee youth activities. Their assistants do not have to be warranted.

At gate a paid member must handle the money. The assistants handing out site tokens and getting forms signed do not have to be paid members.

Event Flyer - Once you've decided on the date, site, and activities it's time to submit your flyer. The flyer must be published in the MEWs 2 months prior to the event. Here are the guidelines for the event flyer from the Chronicler. And here is the form to submit your flyer.

Event Fee - If you are charging a fee for your event you will have to track members and non-members separately for the after event reports. See pages 109 through 119 of the Exchequer's Handbook for instructions. 

Royalty - You can invite Royalty to attend your event by contacting their Chamberlain at  

Publicity -  You can advertise your event on Facebook. The Social Media Officer put together a helpful guide on how to do that. And any questions can be directed to                                       

Deadlines Quick Guide

1 month prior to event get it on the calendar (sooner is better) -

6 weeks prior to event (sooner is better) -  Order Insurance Certificate

2 Months prior to event 
(sooner is better) - Submit Flyer -

10 days after the event (sooner is better)  - Non-member
surcharge is due to the Kingdom

2 Weeks after the event - Gate forms are due to

2 Weeks after the event - Marshalate post-event reports due to the Kingdom Marshal for each activity. 

Within 30 days of event - Send the Exchequer Event Report to

Before the Even
Day of the Event

Day of the Event

Provide your gate staff with the appropriate forms, clipboards, and pens. The up-to-date gate forms and waivers can be found on the Seneschal's webpage.      

After the Event

Gate forms - Email to the Gate Forms Waiver Secretary within 2 weeks of the event. 

Marshal Report - All marshal activities use this form for their after event reports. The reports are due to the kingdom marshal for each specific activity within 2 weeks of the event. 

Heavy Fighting =

Cut & Thrust =

Archery & Thrown Weapons =

Equestrian =

Exchequer Event Report is due within 30 days of the event. The forms can be found on pages 249-251 of the Exchequer's Handbook. And the Non-Member Surcharge Form is on page 247.


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