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Achaemenid Textiles


A Note on the Reconstruction of the Achaemenid Robe Beck, P


A Study on Costume Styles on the Bisotun Relief of the Achaemenid Persian Empire


Archaeological evidence for the activity of the Achaemenid Persians in Greece


Colour in context: Status indicators and elite dress in pre-Islamic Central Asia


Court dress and riding dress at Persepolis: new approaches to old questions Stronach, D



Dress and identity in the arts of Western Anatolia: the seventh through fourth centuries BCE


Dress, Ethnic Identity, and Gender in the Achaemenid Empire: Greek Views on the Persians, and Political Ideology in the Classical Time Gherchanoc, F



Fabrics and Clothes from Mesopotamia during the Achaemenid and Seleucid Periods: The Textual References Joannes, F

Chapter Title


Intolerable Clothes & a Terrifying Name: The Characteristics of an Achaemenid Invasion Force Tuplin, C


Iranian dress in the Achaemenian Period: Problems concerning the Kandys and other Garments Thompson, G


Persianisms: The Achaemenid Court in Greek Art, 380–330 BCE Llewellyn-Jones, L


The Achaemenid provinces in archaeological perspective Khatchadourian, L


The function of girdle on Achaemenid costume in combat Jamzadeh, P


The Iranian Contribution to Achaemenid Material Culture Moorey, P. R. S.


The royal *gaunaka: dress, identity, status and ceremony in Achaemenid Iran Llewellyn-Jones, Lloyd


The Tangible Self: Embodiment, Agency, and the Functions of Adornment in Achaemenid Persia N McFerrin and M Cifarelli


Women’s clothing in Ancient Iran (Case Study: Achaemenid Period) Jalilian, Shahram and Seyed Ali Fatemi


Women's robes: the Achaemenid era Goldman, B


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