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Bronze Age Textiles

Updated: Feb 10


An Undervalued Archaeological Resource: Social Aspects of Bronze Age Textile Production in the Eastern Iberian Peninsula Basso Rial, Ricardo E. et al


Bronze Age Textile & Wool Economy: The Case of the Terramare Site of Montale, Italy

Sabatini, Serena and Timothy Earle and Andrea Cardarelli


Bronze Age textile evidence in ceramic impressions: weaving and pottery technology among mobile pastoralists of central Eurasia Doumani, Paula N. and Michael D. Frachetti


Bronze Age Textiles from the North Caucasus: New Evidence of Fourth Millennium BC Fibres and Fabrics Shishlina, NI et al


Bronze Age wool: provenance and dye investigations of Danish textiles Frei, Karin Margarita et al


 Bronze Age Woollen Textile Production in England: A Consideration of Evidence and Potentials Haughton M, Sørensen MLS, Bender Jørgensen L.


Bronze and Iron Age wools in Europe Rast-Eicher, A

Chatper Title


Bronzealdersdragterne som blev en messe vaerd Staermose Nielse, H.-H



Craft production: Ceramics, Textiles, and Bone Sofaer, Joanna and Lise Bender Jørgensen and Alice Choyke


Crafting Minoanisation : Textiles, Crafts Production and Social Dynamics in the Bronze Age southern Aegean Cutler, Joanne Elizabeth



Creating Textiles: Makers, Methods, Markets Proceedings of the Sixth Biennial Symposium of the Textile Society of America, Inc. Wincott Heckett, E


Creativity in Bronze Age Tailoring: Women’s Blouses from Denmark Rösel-Mautendorfer, H


Dyes of late Bronze Age textile clothes and accessories from the Yanghai archaeological site, Turfan, China: Determination of the fibers, color analysis and dating


Female Clothing and Jewellery in the Nordic Bronze Age Kristiansen, K., with Bergerbrant, S.


Fibres for Bronze Age Textiles Jorgensen, Lisa Bender and Antoinette Rast-Eicher

Chapter Title


First characterization of a Bronze Age textile fibre from Sardinia (Italy)


From the Parochial to the Universal: Comparing Cloth Cultures in the Bronze Age


Loom‑weights, Spindles and Textiles–Textile Production in Central Europe from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age Štolcová, TB and K Grömer


Nettle as a distinct Bronze Age textile plant Bergfjord, C et al


New Perspectives on Bronze Age Textile Production in the Eastern Mediterranean: The First Results with Elba as the Pilot Study Andersson, Eva et al

Chapter Title


Pre-Historic Textiles: The Development of Cloth in the Neolithic and Bronze Age

Book Barber, EJW


Sheep wool in Bronze Age and Iron Age Europe Rast-Eicher, Antoinette and Lise Bender Jørgensen


Textile Production and Specialisation in Bronze Age Europe

Sabatini,Serena and Sophie Bergerbrant


The Aegean Wool Economies of the Bronze Age Nosch, Marie-Louise


 The Challenge of Textiles in Early Bronze Age Burials: Fragments of Magnificence Harris, S.


The Textile Revolution in Bronze Age Europe: Production, Specialisation, Consumption

Book Sabatini, Serena and Sophie Bergerbrant editors


Tools and Textiles - Texts and Contexts Bronze Age textiles found in Crete

pdf Möller-Wiering, Susan


Woven Threads : Patterned Textiles of the Aegean Bronze Age

Chapin, Anne. P. and Maria C.S haw


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