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Medieval Persian: Food & Drink

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


A Persian Banquet Ziglar, Katie M.


Annals of the Caliphs' Kitchens: Ibn Sayy'r Al-Warr'q's Tenth-Century

Book al-Muẓaffar Ibn Naṣr Ibn Sayyār al-Warrāq


Food, Purity and Pollution: Zoroastrian Views on the Eating Habits of Others Daryaee, Touraj


From Persia to Napa: Wine at the Persian Table Batmanglij, Najmieh and Dick Davis



Heating and Cooking in Nishapur Wilkinson, Charles K


Honey: A Demonic Food in Zoroastrian Iran? Daryaee, Touraj



Nuskha-I-Shah Jahani A confluence of Indo-Persian food culture Ansari, Abdul Rahman

Chapter Title


Persian Dishes in the 13th Century Kitab al-Tabikh by al-Baghdadi Paraskiewizc, King

Chapter Tile


Persian influence on foods in the first Abbasid period Asvadi,, Ali and Abdollah Hosseini

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