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Food in Bronze Age Europe


A combined analysis of dietary habits in the Bronze Age site of Ballabio (northern Italy)

Masotti, Sabrina and Alessandra Varalli, Gwenaëlle Goude, Jacopo Moggi-Cecchi & Emanuela Gualdi-Russo


Bronze Age Europe: Revolutions in Agricultural Adaptation Kvapil, Lynne A.


Consumption and Storage in the Bronze Age Paulette, Tate



Crops and food choices at the Late Bronze Age city of Hala Sultan Tekke

Kofel, Dominika and Teresa Bürge and Peter M. Fischer


Did Neolithic farming fail? The case for a Bronze Age agricultural revolution in the British Isles Stevens, Chris J. and Dorian Q Fuller


Feast, Food and Fodder in Neolithic-Bronze Age Greece Halstead, Paul


Feasting and the consuming body in Bronze Age Crete and Early Iron Age Cyprus Hamilakis, Yannis and Susan Sherratt


Foodways and Social Ecologies from Middle Bronze Age to Late Iron Age

Chapter Title: Prehistoric Britain Mulville, Jaqui


Food, Economy and Social Complexity in the Bronze Age World: A Cross-Cultural Study

Pokutta, Dalia A.


Food for the Living: a Reassessment of a Bronze Age Barrow at Buckskin, Basingstoke, Hampshire

Michael J. Allen and Michael Morris and R.H. Clark and Barbara Applin and A.M. ApSimon and Andrew C. King et al


Establishment of a Greek Food Database for Palaeodiet Reconstruction: Case Study of Human and Fauna Remains from Neolithic to Late Bronze Age from Greece


Food plants from late bronze age lagoon sites in Languedoc, southern France: Reconstruction of farming economy and environment

Bouby, Laurent and Frédérie Leroy & Laurent Carozza


Food remains from Bronze Age-Archondiko and Mesimeriani Toumba in northern Greece?


Food Storage in Two Late Bronze Age caves of Southern France: palaeoethnobotanical and social implications Bouby, Laurent and Gilbert Fages & Jean Michel Treffort


Food supply and disposal of food remains at Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Ada Tepe: bioarchaeological aspects of food production, processing and consumption

Nikov, K and E Marinova and B De Cupere et al


Food, Technology and Culture in the Late Bronze Age of Southern Britain: Perforated Clay Plates of the Lower Thames Valley CHAMPION, TIMOTHY


Food technologies/technologies of the body: The social context of wine and oil production and consumption in Bronze Age Crete Hamilakis, Yannis


Food vessel pottery from Early Bronze Age funerary contexts in Northern England: a typological and contextual study Wilkin, Neil C.A


Human impact and population dynamics in the Neolithic and Bronze Age: Multi-proxy evidence from north-western Central Europe Feeser, Ingo et al


Hunter–gatherer migrations, mobility and social relations: A case study from the Early Bronze Age Baikal region, Siberia Weber, Andrzej W. and Olga I. Goriunova


Kitchenalia in Bronze Age Cyprus Steel, Louise


New data on agro-pastoral diets in southern Italy from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age

Arena, Fabiola and Emanuela Gualdi-Russo, Jesper Olsen, Bente Philippsen & Marcello A. Mannino


Plant-based food at Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Drama, southeast Bulgaria: Continuity and innovations Gleser, R and E Marinova

Chapter Title: Social Dimensions of Food in the Prehistoric Balkans


Plant Foods of Greece: A Culinary Journey to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages


Stable isotope evidence for the consumption of millet and other plants in Bronze Age Italy

Tafuri, Mary Anne andOliver E. Craig, Alessandro Canci


Subsistence, settlement and society in the late bronze age of southeast hungary: a case study of the fortified settlement at csanádpalota–földvár

pdf Szeverényi, Vajk and Anna Priskin, Péter Czukor, Andrea Torma, Anikó Tót


The plant economy of the Northern European Bronze Age—more diversity through increased trade with southern regions Effenberger, Henrike


The Third Food Revolution: Setting the Bronze Age Table: Common Trends in Economic and Subsistence Strategies in Bronze Age Europe Kneisel, Jutta editor et al



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