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Medieval England: Plantagenet Court Life


Age of Chivalry: Art in Plantagenet England 1200-1400

Book Alexander, Jonathan, and Binski, Paul, eds


Armies of the Plantagenet England 1135-1337: The Scottish and Welsh Wars and

Continental Campaigns Esposito, Gabriele



Court Life Under the Plantagenets (Reign of Henry the Second) Hall, Hubert



Eleanor of Aquitaine: Patron and Politician Kibler, William W



Henry I and the Origins of the Court Culture of the Plantagenets Green, Judith A


Henry Plantagenet Barber, Richard



King Henry Plantagenet in the midst of his barons: public and territorial consultation at great assemblies in England (1155-1188) Cerda, Jose Manuel


Law, Legislation, and Consent in the Plantagenet Empire: Wales and Ireland, 1272-1461


Leonor of England and Eleanor of Castile: Anglo-Iberian Marriage and Cultural Exchange in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries Walker, Rose


Mothers, Daughters, Marriage, Power: Some Plantagenet Evidence, 1150-1500


Plantagenet England 1225-1360 Prestwich, Michael



Plantagenet Princesses: The Daughters of the Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II

Book Boyd, Douglas


Plantagenet Queens & Consorts: Family, Duty and Power Corvi, Steven J



Political Life in Medieval England 1300-1450 Omrod, W Mark



The King of Circumstance: The Person, Life, Reign, and Legacy of Henry IV of England

Proquest Chestnut, Megan R


The Last Plantagenet Consorts: Gender Genre, and Historiography 1440-1627

Book Finn, Kavita Mudan


The Plantagenets: The Kings That Made Britain Wilson, D



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