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Tuscany: General Info


An Introduction to the Datini Archives: Early Capitalism in Renaissance Tuscany

pdf Stuppa, Daniele C


Architecture and Infrastructure in the Early Medieval Village: The Case of Tuscany

Valenti, Marco


Art and Miracle in Renaissance Tuscany Maniura, Robert



Catherine of Siena, Preaching, and Hagiography in Renaissance Tuscany

Kienzle, Beverly Mayne


Feeding the Medieval Italian City-State: Grain, War, and Political Legitimacy in Tuscany, c. 1150–c. 1350 Daeron, George


Managing Natural Hazards: Environment, Society, and Politics in Tuscany and the Upper Rhine Valley in the Renaissance (ca. 1270-1570) Schenk, Gerrit J


Public Estates and Economic Strategies in Early Medieval Tuscany: Towards a New

Interpretation Bianchi, G et al


Rural Communities in Renaissance Tuscany Hewlett, Cecilia



The 1615 Statutes of the Sienese Guild of Stationers and Booksellers: Provincial Publishing in Early Modern Tuscany Gehl, Paul F


The Beginnings of Hilltop Villages in Early Medieval Tuscany Francovich, Riccardo


The Captain's Concubine: Love, Honor, and Violence in Renaissance Tuscany

Book Weinstein, Donald


The Hinterlands of Early Medieval Towns: The Transformation of the Countryside in Tuscany Francovich, Riccardo



The Population of Migrant Laborers in Renaissance Tuscany Connell, William


The Rituals of the Guilds: Examples from Tuscan Cities (Thirteenth to Sixteenth Centuries) Franceschi, Franco


The Vigils of Medieval Tuscany Brand, Benjamin


The World of Plants in Renaissance Tuscany: Medicine and Botany Bellorini, Cristina



Towards a New Mediterranean Narrative for Early Medieval Tuscany Hodges, R


Tuscan Names, 1200-1530 Herlihy, David


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