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Scotland: General Info


Changing Values in Medieval Scotland: A Study of Prices, Money, and Weights and Measures Gemmill, Elizabeth and Nicholas Mayhew



Early Medieval Scotland: Individuals, Communities, and Ideas Clarke, David D et al


Essays on the nobility of medieval Scotland Stringer, Keith



Franchises North of the Border: Baronies and Regalities in Medieval Scotland

chapter title Grant, Alexander


Gaelic in Medieval Scotland: Advent and Expansion Clancy, Thomas Owen



History of Everyday Life in Medieval Scotland Cowan, Edward J



Kingship and Unity: Scotland 1000-1306 Barrow, G.S.W



Land, Law and People in Medieval Scotland Neville, Cynthia J



Maritime Law and Practice in Late Medieval Aberdeen Frankot, Edda

Edinburgh University Press


Medieval Scotland: The Making of an Identity Webster, Bruce



Naval Defense in Norse Scotland Marwick, H.


Scotland Tamed? Kings and Magnates in Late Medieval Scotland: A Review of Recent Work

Brown, Michael H


Scottish Society, 1500-1800 Houston, Robert Allen and Ian D Whyte



Sufficieny to Scarcity: Medieval Scotland, 500-1600 Crone, Anne and Fiona Watson



The Black Douglases: War and Lordship in Late Medieval Scotland, 1300 - 1455

Book Brown, M


The Borderlands of Satire: Linked, Opposed, and Exchanged Political Poetry During the Scottish and English Wars of the Early Fourteenth Century Galloway, Andrew


The evidence of finds for the circulation and use of coins in medieval Scotland

Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Holmes, Nicholas


The Gaelic World of Scotland Vázquez García-Barroso, Elena



The Idea of Freedom in Late Medieval Scotland Barrow, G.S.W


The Legal Language of Scottish Burghs: Standardization and Lexical Bundles 1380-1560

Book Kopaczyk, Joanna


The Shape of the State in Medieval Scotland, 1124-1290 Taylor, Alice



Trading North: Glass-working beyond the edge of the empire

Davis, Mary and Ian Freestone C.


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