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16th Century Minnesota, Ontario, and Ojibwe

A huge thank you to Walks Up on Scorched Earth for sharing her bibliography with us. Phonetically in Objiwe the name is Inose bekaa jaqi aki.


A Chapter in the Literature of the Fur Trade Lawrence J. Burpee

University of Chicago Press - free pdf


Adventurers in the New World: The Saga of the Coureurs Des Bois

Book Georges-Hebert Germain


Full Circle: From Disintegration to Revitalization of Otter skin Bag Use in Great Lakes Tribal Culture Anton Treuer


Future Present - We Are Part of This Land Carlton Turner

Duke University Press


History of the Ojibway People William W. Warren



Holding Our World Together: Ojibwe Women and the Survival of Community

Book Brenda J. Child


Indigenous Mobilities -Indigenous Women, Marriage, and Colonial Mobility


Iroquois in Northwestern Canada Alexander F. Chamberlin


Nations within a Nation: The Dakota and Ojibwe of Minnesota Thomas D. Peacock and Donald R. Day


Ojibwe Heritage Basil Johnston



Ojibwe History


On Furs and The Fur-Trade A. Aikin


Partners in Furs: A History of the Fur Trade Daniel Francis & Toby Moran



Some Red River Fur Trade Activities John Perry Pritchett


Tales the Elders Told: Ojibway Legends Basil H. Johnston



The Cultural Toolbox Anton Treuer



The Fur Trade and the Fur Supply F.G. Ashbrook


The Organization of the British Fur Trade 1760-1800 Wayne E. Stevens


The Touch of Civilization - Pre – Nineteenth -Century Expansion Steven Sabhol

University of Colorado Press


The Traditional History of Characteristic Sketches of the Ojibway Nation George Copway



The United States Factory System for Trading with the Indians 1796-1822 Royal B. Way


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