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Japanese Tea Ceremony

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Thank you to Lady Kitsu Kotome for her input on search terms for this topic.


Before Rikyū. Religious and Aesthetic Influences in the Early History of the Tea Ceremony Ludwig, Theodore M


Chado the Way of Tea: A Japanese Tea Master's Almanac Sanmi, Sasaki



Cha-in/the sound of tea: The sounds of the Japanese tea ceremony and their relation to traditional Japanese music Elinton, Jane


Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony Sadler, A L



Chanoyu in Hakata: Zen, Karamono and the Reception of Tea Ceremony Horimoto, Kazushige


D.T. Suzuki’s Understanding of Tea Ceremony:An Analysis Manoj, Kumar



Documents and Monuments in the History of the Sencha Ceremony in Japan

pdf Graham, Patricia J


Heian and Kamakura Period Tea (794-1338)


Muromachi Period Tea (1338-1573)

*Cover art


Rediscovering Rikyu and the Beginnings of the Japanese Tea Ceremony Plutschow, Herbert



Sazen-Ichimi - The Tea Ceremony and Ze, Noh Play Hayashi, Yoshiro



Significance of Japanese Tea Ceremony Values with Ceramic Art Interpretation Ali, Adibah et al


The Prevalence of the Song Tea Bowl Among Japanese Elites in the Kamakura and Early Muromachi Period Ren, Yian


The Role of Nonverbal Communication in Traditional Japanese Arts Through the Tea Ceremony Jolly, Yukiko Sasaki





The Japanese Way of Tea: From It's Origins in China to Send Rikyu

Book Morris, V. Dixon


Writing as Tea Ceremony: Kawabata's Geido Aesthetics Carriere, Peter M.


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