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Updated: Feb 5, 2023


A Survival of an Ancient Middle Eastern Moustache Fashion. Lenk-Chevitch P.


A Treasury of Virtues: Sayings, Sermons, and Teachings of Ali by al-Qadi al-Quda'i

Book Qutbuddin, Tahera


A Social History of Education in the Muslim World: From the Prophetic Era to Ottoman Times Hussain, Amjad M



Age of Transition: Byzantine Culture in the Islamic World Evans, Helen (editor)

met museum


Al-Hind and the Making of the Islamic World: Volume II - The Slave Kings and the Islamic Conquest Wink, Andre



Art, Trade and Culture in the Islamic World and Beyond, From the Fatimids to the Mughals

Book Behrens-Abouseif, Doris et al eds


Court Cultures in the Muslim World Fuess, Albrecht and Jan-Peter Hartung



Creating the Qu'ran: A Historical-Critical Study Shoemaker, Stephen



Difference and Disability in the Medieval Islamic World, Blighted Bodies

Book Richardson, Kristina L


Food and Foodways of Medieval Cairenes: Aspects of Life in an Islamic Metropolis of the Eastern Mediterranean Lewicka, Paulina B


Formal Friendship in the Medieval near East Goiten, Shelomo


High Culture and Popular Culture in Medieval Islam


Land & Trade in Early Islam: The Economy of the Islamic Middle East 750-1050 CE

Book Kennedy, Hugh and Fanny Bessard


Medieval Islamic Philosophy and the Virtue of Ethics Butterworth, Charles E.


Nomadism: Middle Eastern and Central Asian Patai, Raphael


Poverty and Charity in Middle Eastern Contexts

Book Bonner, Michael David, Mine Ener, and Amy Singer


Slaves and Households in the Near East Culbertson, Laura



Sugar in the Social Life of Medieval Islam Sato, Tsugitaka



Tamta and the Khwarazmians Eastmond, Antony


The History of the Book in the Middle East Roper, Geoffrey



The Jews of Islam Lewis, Bernard



The Mongols, The Turks, and The Muslim Polity Lewis, Bernard


The Poetry of Arab Women from the Pre-Islamic Age to Andalusia Elmeligi, Wessam



The Second Plague Pandemic and Its Recurrences in the Middle East: 1347-1894


The Turkic Peoples in Medieval Arabic Writings Frenkel, Yehoshua



“The Vicegerent of God, from Him We Expect Rain”: The Incorporation of the Pre-Islamic


Weavers, Scribes, and Kings: A New History of the Ancient Near East Podany, Amanda H



Cover Image: Folio from an Arabic manuscript of Dioscorides, De materia medica, 1229

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