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General Info: Egypt

Updated: Sep 13, 2023


A Case of Labor Problems in Medieval Egypt Stillman, Norman A


Amenemhat I and the Early Twelfth Dynasty at Thebes Arnold, Dorothea


Childhood in Ancient Egypt Marshall, A



Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians Brier, Bob and Hoyt Hobbs



Egypt in the Byzantine World 300-700 Bagnall, Robert



Feeding the Poor and Clothing the Naked: The Cairo Geniza Cohen, Mark R.


Food and Foodways of Medieval Cairenes Lewicka, Paulina



Founding the Fatimid State: The Rise of an Early Islamic Empire Haji, Hamid



From Kitchen Arabic to Recipes for Good Taste: Nation, Empire, and Race in Egyptian Cookbooks Gaul, Anny


Handbook to Life in Ancient Egypt David AR



How Many Miles to Babylon: Travels to Egypt and Beyond, from 1300 to 1650 Wolff, Anne



Lost Voices of the Nile: Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt Booth C



Moral Values in Ancient Egypt Lichtheim, Miriam


Non-Royal Patronage During the Reign of Suleyman the Magnificent: Some Considerations


Restaurants, Inns and Taverns That Never Were: Some Reflections on Public Consumption in Medieval Cairo Lewicka, Paulina B.


Short List of Kitchen Utensils and a Bag of Papyrus Rolls Balamoshev, Constantine


The City in Roman and Byzantine Egypt Alston, Richard



The Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians Scott, Nora


The Tomb in Ancient Egypt Dodson, A



Village Life in Ancient Egypt: Laundry Lists and Love Songs McDowell, AG



Voices of Ancient Egypt: Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life David, R



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