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England: Metalwork

Updated: Sep 24, 2022


A medieval iron smelting site at Stanley Grange, Derbyshire Challis, Keith


Bronze Age Metalwork from Lincolnshire Davey, P.J.


Harness Pendants and the Rise of Armory Baker, John


Ironwork in Medieval Britain: An Archaeological Study Goodall, Ian H



Metalworking in Medieval London: an Historical Survey Keene, Derek


Metalworking in Medieval Nottingham 1100-1641 MacCormick, Alan


Mineralogy and weathering processes in historical smelting slags and their effect on the mobilisation of lead Gee, Clare et al


Mints and Money in Medieval England Allen, Martin



Non-ferrous metalworking in England: Late Iron Age to Early Medieval Bayley, Justine C



Reflections on a '9th-century' Northumbrian Metalworking Tradition: A Silver Hoard from Poppleton, North Yorkshire Gabor, Thomas


The Early Iron Age Metalwork Hoard from Stanwick, N.R. Yorks MacGregor, Morna


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