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Viking: General Info

Updated: Apr 9


Beyond fragments and shards: Children in Medieval Bergen Mygland, Sigrid Samset


Bonded People: Making Thralls Visible in Viking-Age and Early Medieval Sweden Zachrisson, Torun


Childhood in Viking and Hiberno-Scandinavian Dublin, 800-1100

Book chapter Hadly, D. and A. Ten Harkel (editors)


East Midlands Sloth, Pernille Rohde et al


Everyday Life in Viking-Age Towns: Social Approaches to Towns in England and Ireland, c. 800-1100 Hadley, D.M. and Letty ten Harkel


From Viking Stronghold to Christian Kingdom: State Formation in Norway, c. 900-1350

Book Bagge, Sverre


Hedeby in Wulfstan’s days: a Danish emporium of the Viking Age between East and West

pdf Hilberg, Volker


Icelanders in the Viking Age: The People of the Sagas Short, William R.



Means of Exchange: Dealing with Silver in the Viking Age Skre, Dagfinn



Norse Warfare: The Unconventional Battle Strategies of the Ancient Vikings

Book Sprague, Martina


Rus´, Varangians and Birka Warriors Hedenstierna-Jonson, Charlotte

The Martial Society


Silver, Butter, Cloth: Monetary and Social Economies in the Viking Age

Book Kershaw, Jane ed et al


"Simulating Sea Surfaces for Modeling Viking Age Seafaring in the Baltic Sea"

PDF Indruszewski, George and C. M. Barton


Taxation, Tolls and Tribute: The Language of Economics and Trade in Viking-Age Ireland Valante, Mary A.


The Greenland Norse Lynnerup, Niels



The Lands of Denemearce: Cultural Differences and Social Networks of the Viking Age in South Scandinavia Sindbaek, Soren M.




The Norse Settlements in the British Islands Bugge, Alexander


The Norse Traffic with Iceland Marcus, G.J.


The Norwegian Invasion of England in 1066 DeVries, Kell



The Scandinavians from the Vendel Period to the Tenth Century: An Ethnographic Perspective Jesch, Judith



The Social Context of Settlement in Norway in the First Millennium AD Skre, Dagfinn


The Swedish Part in the Viking Expeditions Roos, William


The Vikings in Munster Birkett, Tom and Christina Lee (Editors)



The Vikings of Haithabu (8th - 10th Century AD): Burials and Identity

pdf Lorenzen, Daniel Saager


Viking Age Foodways at the Hrísbrú Farmstead Zori, Davide et al


Viking Age Hedeby and Its Relations with Iceland and the North Atlantic: Communication, Long-distance Trade, and Production Hilberg, Volker et al


Viking Expansion Northwards: Mediaeval Sources Hofstra, Tette and Samplonius Kees


Viking Friendship: The Social Bond in Iceland and Norway, c. 900-1300

Book Sigurdsson, Jon Vidar


Viking Resources for the Re-enactor Thora Sharptooth


Viking Trade and Settlement in Continental Western Europe Klaesoe, Iben Skibsted



Viking Worlds: Things, Spaces and Movement Eriksen, Marianne Hem



Violence and Historical Authenticity: Rape (and Pillage) in Popular Viking Fiction Sigurdson, Erika Ruth


What did they sound like? Reconstructing the music of the Viking Age Chihiro Tuskamoto


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