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Poland: Archaeological Finds


A Rare Fragment of Medieval Jewellery

University of Bergen


A Unique Early Medieval Pendant (Kaptorga) from Opole Groszowice (Silesia, SW Poland) in light of Interdisciplinary Archaeometric Studies Miazga, B et al



Analytical Techniques in Provenance Determination of Archaeological Objects from Lower Silesia

Lydzba-Kopczynska, Barbara etc al


Archaeology on Medieval Knights' Manor Houses in Poland Marciniak-Kajzer, A


Childhood in Medieval Kolobrzeg. Reflections on the Archaeological Evidence Rebkowski, Marian et al



Dogs in the Wroclaw Stronghold, 2nd Half of the 10th - 1st Half of the 13th Century (Lower Silesia, Poland) - An Zoo archaeological Overview

Pankiewicz, Aleksandra etc al


Early Medieval Large Glass Beads from Poland: Utilitarian and Social Functions


Pankiewicz, A and S Siemianowska


Face Down: The Phenomenon of Prone Burial in Early Medieval Poland

Gardela, Leszak


Major Results of the 1973-1974 Excavations of Early Medieval Sites in Poland

Dabrowska, E


New Data on Early Medieval Flax Cultivation: An Archaeobotanical Record from Northern Poland

Latawoa, M and Wlodzimierz Raczkowski


On Technology and Production Techniques of Early Medieval Glass Rings from Silesia

Siemianowska, S et al


Pottery at the Borderland. Southern Influences in Silesia and Lesser Poland in 9th and 10th Century


Pankiewicz, Aleksandra


Profane Death in Burial Practices of a Pre- Industrial Society: A Study from Silesia


Duma, P


Rare Artifacts Found in Medieval Graves

Rudnik, M


Silesian graphittonkeramik of the 12th-13th centuries in light of specialist analyses of vessels from Raciborz


Rzenik, Pawel and Henryk Stoksik


Some Aspects of Polish Early Medieval Metalworking Kocka-Krenz, Hanna



Sources and Methods Used in the Reconstruction of Settlement Networks: An Archaeological and Geographical Perspective on the Example of Silesia

Latocha, Agnes and Dominik Nowakowski


The Archaeology of Early Medieval Poland


Buko, Andrzej


The Metallurgist's Hoard. Silver and Lead Smelting in the Early Medieval Poland


Garbacz-Klempka, A et al


The Original and Rise of Brick Technologyand Use in Medieval Pomerania, Pomerelia, and Lower Silesia


Biermann, Felix and Christofer Hermann


The Restoration of a Polish Cavalry Sword from the Middle of the XVIIth Century

Moraru, Corneliu


The Slavic Way of Death. Archaeological Perspective on Otherworld Journeys in Early Medieval Poland Gardela, L


Tribal Societies and the Rise of Early Medieval Trade: Archaeological Evidence from Polish Territories (eighth - tenth centuries) Buko, A



What is Hidden Underneath the Black and Brown on Silesian Glassware? About the Archaeometric Challenge in the Study of Painted Decorations on Late-Medieval and Post-Medieval Finds From Wroclaw, SW Poland

Researchgate publication # 359152752

Miazga, Beats


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