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Medieval Spanish Textiles


A Thirteenth Century Castilian Sumptuary Law The President and Fellows of Harvard College


Cross-Cultural Style In The Alhambra: Textiles, Identity And Origins Luyster, Amanda


Hispanic Costume: 1480-1530 Anderson, Ruth M



Medieval Textiles in Iberia: Studies for a New Approach Feliciano, Maria Judith


Muslim Shrouds for Christian Kings? A Reassessment of Andalusi Textiles in Thirteenth Century Castilian Life and Ritual Feliciano, Maria Judith

Chapter Title


New approaches in Mediterranean textile studies: Andalusí textiles as case study

Rodriguez Peinado, Laura and Ana Cabrera-Lafuente


Spanish Textile and Clothing Nomenclature in -án, -í, and -ín MacDonald, Gerald J.


Textiles and Farewells: Revisiting the Grave Goods of King Alfonso VIII of Castile and Queen Eleanor Plantagenet Barrigon, Maria


The Arts and Crafts of Older Spain: Textile fabrics Williams, Leonard



The Impact of Persian Textiles of Buyid and Seljuk Eras on Islamic Spain Textiles (Case Study: Almoravids & Almoheds Periods) Farbod, Farinaz and Samane Poorazizi



Traces of a Central Asian Textile on the Walls of an Early Medieval Spanish Church

Peeters Online Journal Mierse, William E.


Two Medieval Silks from Spain Shepherd, Dorothy G.

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