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Greco-Roman Food & Drink Sources

Updated: Feb 5


A Handbook of Food Processing in Classical Rome: For Her Bounty No Winter

Book Thurmond, David L.


An Old Roman Cookbook Million, Helen Lovell


Around the Roman Table: Food and Feasting in Ancient Rome Fass, Patrick



Cato's Cakes Leon, Ernestine F.


Celery and Parsley as Foods in the Greco-Roman Period Andrews, Alfred C.


Dietetics in Ancient Greek Philosophy: Plato's Concept of a Healthy Diet Skiadas, PK et al


Dining in Ancient Greece Pantel, Pauline Schmidt

Chapter Title


Dining Out in Ancient Rome Kelsey, Mary Wallace

Chapter Title


Early Medieval Amphorae, the Duchy of Naples and the Food Supply of Rome


Eat, Drink, and Think: What Ancient Greece Can Tell Us About Food and Wine

Book Roochnik, David


Famine and Food Supply in the Greco-Roman World: Responses to Risk and Crisis

Book Garnsey, Peter


Food for the Road: A Closer Look at the Significance of "dapes" in the Funeral of Misenus


Food for Thought: Some Recent Books on Ancient Greek and Roman Food Weingarten, S



Food in Greek Literature Hunter, Richard and Demetra Koukouzika

Chapter Title


Food Provisions for Ancient Rome: A Supply Chain Approach James, Paul



Grain, Pulses, and Olives: An Attempt Toward a Quantitative Approach to Diet in Ancient Rome Brown, Madeline


Good Food and Bad: Nutritional and Pleasurable Eating in Ancient Greece Wilkins, John


Intestinal Parasitic Infection in the Eastern Roman Empire During the Imperial Period and Late Antiquity Ledger, Marisa L.


Legumes in Ancient Greece and Rome: Food, Medicine, or Poison? Flint-Hamilton, Kimberly B


Let Them Eat Fish: Food for the Poor in Early Rabbinic Judaism Gardner, Gregg


Managing Food Storage in the Roman Empire Cheung, Caroline


Meat in Ancient Greece: Sacrificial, Sacred, or Secular? Ekroth, Gunnel


Mediterranean Food Patterns: The View from Antiquity, Ancient Greeks and Romans

Chapter Title Grivetti, Louis E


Milk and Dairy Products in the Roman Period Drey, Carol A Chapter Title


Roman Food Refuse: Urban Archaeobotany in Pompeii, Regio VI, Insula 1


Roman Food Remains in Archaeology and the Contents of a Roman Sewer at Herculaneum Robinson, Mark and Erica Rowan


Siren Feasts: A History of Food and Gastronomy in Greece Dalby, Andrew



Tanti non emo, Sexte, Piper: Pepper Prices, Roman Consumer Culture, and the Bulk of Indo-Roman Trade Mayer, Ernest Emanuel


The Boastful Chef: The Discourse of Food in Ancient Greek Comedy Wilkins, John



The Feeding of Imperial Rome: The Mechanics of the Food Supply System Mattingly, D et al

Oxford University School of Archaeology, 2000


The Roman Community at Table During the Principate, New and Expanded Edition

Book Donahue, John


The Size of the Grain Distribution in Imperial Rome and Constantinople Sirks, A.J.





Toward a Typology of Roman Public Feasting Donahue, John F.


"Tracta": A Versatile Roman Pastry Solomon, Jon


Cover Image: Painting from Pompeii, now in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Naples), showing a banquet or family ceremony

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