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Mali: General Info


African Dominion: A New History of Empire in Early and Medieval West Africa

Book Gomez, Michael


Beyond the Mali Empire—A New Paradigm for the Sunjata Epic* Jansen, Jan



Crafting, Cooking, and Constructing Histories: Women and the Politics of Everyday Life along the Falémé River (ca. AD 1000–1900) Gokee, Cameron


Empires of Medieval West Africa: Ghana, Mali, and Songhay Conrad, Daniel C



History, Oral Transmission and Structure in Ibn Khaldun's Chronology of Mali Rulers Austen, Ralph A and Jan Jansen


Pearl millet and iron in the West African Sahel: Archaeobotanical investigation at Tongo Maaré Diabal, Mali Champion, L et al


The Oldest extant writing of West Africa : Medieval epigraphs from Issuk, Saney and Egef-n-Tawaqqast (Mali) de Moraes Farias, Paulo F


The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay: Life in Medieval Africa

Book McKissack, Patricia and Frederick McKissack


The social context of food technology in Iron Age Gao, Mali MacLean, Rachel and Timothy Insoll


The urban systems of medieval Mali Winters, Christopher


The West African Medieval Empire of Mali 13th-15th Centuries Oulhadji, Mohamed


Women in Mali Thiam, Madina

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