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Khazar: General Info


Armies of the Volga Bulgars & Khanate of Kazan: 9th–16th centuries

Book Shpakovsky, Vlacheslav and David Nicolle


Byzantine sources for Khazar history Howard-Johnson, James


Khazaria and Rus’: An examination of their historical relations Petrukhin, Vladimir

Chapter Title




Khazaria in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries Zhivkov, Boris



Khazar Khaganate Golden, Peter B


On the path through the Shadow Empire: The Khazar nomads at the North-Western frontier of Iran and the Islamic Caliphate Shingray, Irina Lita


Reconstruction of the Climate of the Medieval Epoch Based on Soil and Geochemical Studies of Kurgans of the Srostki Culture in the South of Western Siberia


Sensing the Shadow Empire: New Approaches to the Problem of the Khazar State


Some observations on the economy of the Khazar Khaganate Noonan, Thomas S


Steppe Empires? The Khazars and the Volga Bulgars Curta, Florin


Steppe empires without emperors: Avars, Bulgars and Khazars

Book Komatarova-Balinova, Evgenia


The Jews of Khazaria Brook, Kevin Alan



The Khazars and their Neighbors: a Comparative Analysis, in Lieu of Conclusions Sergeyeva, Maryna, translator


The Khazar Origin of Ancient Kiev Brutzkus, J


The Khazar Sacral Kingship Golden, PB

Chapter Title


The Other Europe in the Middle Ages: Avars, Bulgars, Khazars and Cumans Curta, Florin



The Origin and Meaning of the Title “Khazar-Elteber” Semenov, Igor G


The Role of the Khazar Khaganate in the Economic System of the Early Middle Ages


The World of the Khazars Golden, Peter ed et al



Trade Routes, Trading Centers and the Emergence of the Domestic Market in Azerbaijan in the Period of Arab-Khazar Domination on the Silk Road Asadov, Farza


Where Is the Archeological Evidence of the Existence of a Khazar State?


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