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H0ly Roman Empire: Ottonian Dynasty 919-1024


Church and cosmos in early Ottonian Germany: the view from Cologne Mary-Hartin, H



Civilians and militia in Ottonian Germany Bachrach, David S


Communications and Power in Medieval Europe: The Carolingian and Ottonian Centuries

Book Leyser, Karl


Concepts and Practice of Empire in Ottonian Germany (950–1024) Bernhardt, John W


"Culture and society in Ottonian Ravenna: imperial renewal or new beginnings?"


Knights at Court: Courtliness, Chivalry & Courtesy from Ottonian Germany to the Italian Renaissance Scaglione, AD



Ottonian Art and Its Afterlife: Revisiting Percy Ernst Schramm's Portraiture Idea


Ottonian Queenship MacLean, Simon



Saints, Pagans, War and Rulership in Ottonian Germany Warner, David A


Silken parchments: Design, context, patronage and function of textile -inspired pages in Ottonian and Salian manuscripts Wagner, Stephen M.



Submission and Homage: Feudo-Vassalic Bonds and the Settlement of Disputes in Ottonian Germany Roach, Levi


The Benefices of Counts and the Fate of the Comital Office in Carolingian East Francia and Ottonian Germany Bachrach, David S


Toward an Appraisal of the Wealth of the Ottonian Kings of Germany, 919–1024


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