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Etruscan: General Info

Updated: Sep 13, 2023


An Etruscan aristocrat Swaddling, J


Etruscan civilization: a cultural history Haynes, S



Etruscan couples and their aristocratic society Bonfante, L


Etruscan life and afterlife: a handbook of Etruscan studies Bonfante, L



Etruscan marriage Bartoloni, Gilda et al


Etruscan myth, sacred history, and legend De Grummond, NT



Etruscan Women's Lives: Re-envisioning the Role of Women in Myths, Mirrors, and Other Funerary Artifacts Salazar, SH



Health and medicine for Etruscan women Turfa, JMI


Interpreting early Etruscan structures: the question of Murlo Turfa, JMI et al


Luxuria prolapsa est: Etruscan wealth and decadence Becker, H


Seianti Hanunia Tlesnasa: An Etruscan aristocrat Swaddling, J


Servants at a rich man's feast: early Etruscan household slaves and their procurement


Tarquinia. An Etruscan city Leighton, R



The daily life of Etruscan babies and children Bonfante, L et al



To give and to receive: The role of women in Etruscan sanctuaries Edlund-Berry, IEM


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