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England: Sex & Gender

Updated: Nov 18, 2023


A Marginal Occupation? The Medieval Laundress and her Work Rawclliffe, Caro


Adultery in early Anglo-Saxon society: Æthelberht 31 in comparison with continental Germanic law Rivers, Theodore John


Between Medieval Men: Male Friendship and Desire in Early Medieval English Literature

Book Clark, David




Common Women: Prostitution and Sexuality in Medieval England Karras, Ruth Mazo



Concubinage in Anglo-Saxon England Ross, Margaret Clunie


Contexts of Marriage in Medieval England: Evidence from the King's Court circa 1300 Palmar, Robert C.


Defamation, Gender, and Hierarchy in Late Medieval Yorkshire Kane, Bronach C.


Early, Erotic and Alien: Women Dressed as Men in Late Medieval London Bennett, Judith M. and Shannon McMcSheffery


Families in Later Medieval London: Sex, Marriage and Mortality Harding, Vanessa


Founder, Fighter, Saxon Queen: Aelthelflaed, Lady of the Mercians Jones, Margaret C



For the Protection of All the People’: Æthelflæd and Her Burhs in Northwest Mercia Blake, matthew and Andrew Sargent


Gender and Changing Foodways in England’s Late-Medieval Bourgeois Households


Gender and Heresy: Women and Men in Lollard Communities, 1420-1530

Book McSheffrey, Shannon


Gender, Sacrament and Ritual: The Making and Meaning of Marriage in Late Medieval and Early Modern England Peters, Christine


Gender(ed) Identities? Anglo-Norman Settlement, Irish-ness, and The Statutes of Kilkenny of 1367 Mitchell, Linda E.


Homosexuality in Renaissance England Bray, Alan



Imprisoning Medieval Women: The Non-Judicial Confinement and Abduction of Women in Egnland, c. 1170-1509 Seabourne, Dr Gwen


Intermarriage in fifteenth-century Ireland: the English and Irish in the 'four obedient shires' Booker, Sparky


Irregular Unions: Clandestine Marriage in Early Modern English Literature

Book Cleland, Katharine


King Alffred's Daughter: The Lady of the Mercians Griesser, Marjory A



Lady Æthelflæd and the Danelaw in the West Saxon Judith North, Richard



Marriage as Tactical Response: Henry II and the Royal Wedding of 1160


Medieval London Widows, 1300-1500 Ed. Barron, Caroline



Medieval Maidens: Young Women and Gender in England, C.1270-c.1540 Phillips, Kim M.



Place, Space, and Situation: Public and Private in the Making of Marriage in Late-Medieval London McSheffrey, Shannon


Pregnancy and Childbirth in Twelfth-and Thirteenth-Century French and English Law Harris-Stoertz, Fiona


Prostitution in Late Elizabethan London: The Case of Mary Newborough Ungerer, Gustav


Runaway Wives: Husband Desertion in Medieval England Butler, Sara


The Annals of Aethelflaed: Annals, History, Politics, in Early Tenth Century England

Stafford, Pauline


The Economics of Marriage in Late Medieval England: The Marriage of Heiresses Payling, S.J.


The Language of Ravishment in Medieval England Dunn, Caroline


The Lady is a Lord: Noble Widows and Land in Thirteenth-Century Britain Mitchell, Linda E.


The Nature of Customary Law in the Manor Courts of Medieval England Bonfield, Lloyd


The Regulation of Brothels in Later Medieval England Karras, Ruth Mazos

University of Chicago Press


The Regulation of Sexuality in the Late Middle Ages: England and France Karras, Ruth Mazo


The Wages of Women in England, 1260–1850 Humphries, Jane and Jacob Weisdorf


The Warrior Queen: The LIfe and Legend of Queen Aethelflaed, Daughter of Alfred the Great Arman, Joanna



Widows' Rights in Anglo-Saxon Law Rivers, Theodore John


Witnessing to her Position: Female Attestations in Mercian Charters c. 767-919 and the Social Position of Anglo-Saxon Women Reeuwijk, Margaretha Johanna

Utrecht University Repository


Women and the Norman Conquest Stafford, Pauline


Women in the Medieval English Countryside: Gender and Countryside: Gender and Before the Plague Bennett, Judith



Women in Medieval English Society Mate, Mavis E



Women Pilgrims in Late Medieval England Morrison, Susan S



Women's Autonomy in Late Anglo-Saxon England Based on the Place-Name Evidence

Western Michigan University Masters Thesis


Women's Devotional Bequests of Textiles in the Late Medieval English Parish Church, c. 1350–1550 Lowe, Nicola A


Work Reconsidered: Gender and Wage Differentiation in Late Medieval England


Versions of Virginity in Late Medieval England Salih, Sarah


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