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Andalusia Sex & Gender

Updated: Sep 13


An Etiquette for Women: Women’s Experience of Islam in Muslim Spain Coope, Jessica A


Body, Baths and Cloth: Muslim and Christian Perceptions in Medieval Portugal Lopes de Barros, Maria Filomena


Librarians, rebels, property owners, slaves: Women in al-Andalus Shamise, Kamilla


Male homosexuality in Islamic normative and in the mujun literature of al-Andalus and the Maghreb between the 10th and 13th centuries Boronha, Miguel Antonio de Freitas


Marriage, Kinship, and Islamic Law in Al-Andalus: Reflections on Pierre Guichard's Al-Ándalus Coope, Jessica A


Qiyans of Al-Andalus Reynolds, Dwight F

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Sex differences in diet and life conditions in a rural Medieval Islamic population from Spain (La Torrecilla, Granada): An isotopic and osteological approach to gender differentiation in al-Andalus Jimenez Brobell, Syvlia A et al


She is a Boy, or if Not a Boy, Then a Boy Resembles Her”: Cross-Dressing, Homosexuality and Enslaved Sex and Gender in Umayyad Iberia Kotis, I



The beautiful woman in medieval Iberia: rhetoric, cosmetics, and evolution Da Soller, Claudio


The Family in the Medieval Islamic World Bray, Julia


Women and Property Rights in Al-Andalus and the Maghrib: Social Patterns and Legal Discourse Shatzmiller, Maya


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