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Medieval Persia Sex & Gender

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A Comparative Study of the Women Social Situation in The Sassanid and Qajar Era

pdf Mohammed, Sabriyeh


Al-Akhawayni, a contributor to medieval Persian knowledge on contraception

Dalfardi, Benham et al


Consorts of the Caliphs: Women and the Court of Baghdad Ibn al-Sai



Feminine Power in Safavid Iran: Space, Visibility, and Politics Wallace, H



Intense romantic love in a 12th-century Persian medical encyclopedia Dalfardi, Benham et al


Marriage and divorce law in Pre-Islamic Persia. Legal status of the Sassanid woman (224–651 AD) Maksymiuk, Katarzyna


Pari Khan Khanum: a masterful Safavid princess Gholsorkhi, Shohreh


Penal Punishments Of Women In Ancient Iran From Achaemenid To Sassanid Dynasties Iraj, Jalali et a


Power of Ambiguity: Cultural Improvisations on the Theme of Temporary Marriage Haeri, Shahla


Royal Women and Politics in Safavid Iran Birjandifar, Nazak


“Skirting” Society: How Women in Late Antique Persia Used Religious Pluralism to Subvert Gender Boundaries Ruth, Lindsey Marie


Social Status of Women in the Sassanid Period (Based on the Seals and its Effects) Jamali, Behrokh et al


Survey Of Legal Position Of Women Sassanid Period Karim, Golshani Rad et al


The Construction, Composition and Idealization of the Female Body in Rabbinic Literature and Parallel Iranian Texts: Three Excursuses Secunda, Shai


The role of women in political events in Persia and Iraq during the era of the Timurids and the Turkmen emirates Hussein, Samah Habib


Women's Syayus During the Safavid Persia Jahandideh, Mitra



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