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Byzantine Sex & Gender


Approaches to the Byzantine Family Brubaker, Leslie and Shaun Tougher



Brothels, Baths and Babes Prostitution in the Byzantine Holy Land Dauphine, Claudine


Byzantine Hagiography and Sex in the Fifth to Twelfth Centuries Kazhdan, Alexander


Byzantine Women: Varieties of Experience 800-1200 Garland, Lynda



Emotions and Gender in Byzantine Culture Constantinou, Stavroula and Mati Meyer

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Gender and Gesture in Byzantine images Brubaker, Leslie

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Holy Women and Witches: Aspects of Byzantine Conceptions of Gender Galatariotou, Catla S


Material Culture and Well-Being in Byzantium (400-1453) Bjernholt, James L


Questions of Gender in Byzantine Society Neil, Bronwen and Lynda Garland



The Byzantine Lady: Ten Portraits, 1250-1500 Nicol, Donald M



The Empress Theodora and the Tradition of Women's Patronage in the Early Byzantine Empire McClanan, Anne L

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The Gender of Money: Byzantine Empresses on Coins (324–802) Brubaker, Leslie and Helen Tobler


The Perfect Servant: Eunuchs and the Social Construction of Gender in Byzantium

Book Ringrose, Kathryn M


Women at Home Kazhdan, Alexander


WOMEN IN BYZANTINE LAW ABOUT 1100 A. D. Buckler, Georgia


Women of Byzantium Connor, Carolyn



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