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Byzantine Textiles

Updated: Jan 2, 2023


A Gold-Woven Byzantine Silk of the Tenth Century Ackerman, Phyllis


By the Emperor's Hand: Military Dress and Court Regalia in the Later Romano-Byzantine Empire Dawson, Timothy



Byzantine Dress: Representations of Secular Dress in Eighth- to Twelfth-Century Painting

Book Ball, Jennifer L.


Byzantine identity and its patrons: Embroidered aëres and epitaphioi of the Palaiologan and post -Byzantine periods Schilb, Henry



Catalogue of the Byzantine and Early Medieval Antiquities in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection Thompson, Deborah



Decoding the Habit of the Byzantine Nun Ball, Jennifer

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From Seed to Samite: Aspects of Byzantine Silk Production Muthesis, Anna


Garments Pleasing to God: The Significance of Domestic Textile Designs in the Early Byzantine Period Maguire, Henry


Imperial Dress Ball, Jennifer L.


Middle Byzantine Silk in Context: Integrating the Textual and Material Evidence

University of Birmingham Dissertation Galliker, Julia


Silk Economics and Cross-Cultural Artistic Interaction: Byzantium, the Muslim World, and the Christian West Jacoby, David


Silk Industry in the Byzantine Empire Sabatino Lopez, Robert


The Byzantine Peplos in Genoa: “The Object as Event” Kalavrezou, Loli


The Silk Industry in the Byzantine Empire Lopez, Robert Sabatino


The Use of Metal Threads and Decorations in Byzantine-Greek Orthodox Ecclesiastical Textiles Karatzani, Anna and Thilo Rehren


The Veiling of Women in Byzantium: Liturgy, Hair, and Identity in a Medieval Rite of Passage


Under Wraps: Byzantine Textiles as Major and Minor Arts Flughum, Mary Margaret

West 86th - University of Chicago Press


Weft sequence and Weave Direction in Byzantine, Egyptian and Sogdian Silk Samits of the 6th-10th Century Verhecken-Lammems, Chris


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