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Byzantine: Metalwork


Arts, Crafts, and Trades in Ancient and Byzantine Thessaloniki: Archaeological, Literary, and Epigraphic Evidence Antonaras, Anastassios Ch



A Byzantine Gold Medallion at Dumbarton Oaks Ross, Marvin C


A Middle Byzantine Silver Treasure Ballian, Anna and Anastasia Drandaki



Byzantine Agricultural Implements: The Evidence of Medieval Illustrations of Hesiod's Works and Days Bryer, Anthony


Byzantine Metalwork before and after the Fall of Constantinople Byron, Robert


Byzantine silversmiths' work around AD 1000 between China and the Ottonians : the Beszterec holy water vessel Kiss, Etele



Glass, Wax, and Metal: Lighting technologies in Late Antique, Byzantine, and medieval times

Book Motsianos, Ioannis and Karen S Garnett


Gold, Goldsmiths, and Goldsmithing in Byzantium Rhoby, Andreas



Metal Production Towards the End of Byzantine Rule in Eastern Macedonia Nerantzis

Mediterranean Archaeology & Archaeometry


Middle Byzantine bronze crosses of intermediate size: Form, use and meaning

Proquest Sandin, Karl Ayers


The Cleveland Byzantine Silver Treasure Milliken, William M.


The Comparative Study of Tool Marks on Non-Ferrous Metalwork from Archaeological Contexts: Methodological Considerations, Case Studies, andExperimental Archaeology

pdf Buhler, Brigit and David Zsolt Schwarcz


The economic history of Byzantium : from the seventh through the fifteenth century; Washington, DC; Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection

Book Papathanassiou, Maria K


Three Byzantine Bronze Candelabra from the Grand Lavra Monastery and Saint Catherine's Monastery in Siani Bouras, Laskarina



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