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Balkans Textiles & Archaeological Finds

Updated: Jan 5, 2022


A Contribution to Some Earrings in the Central Balkans and in Transylvania Gustin, Mitja



A Nomadic Mantle in Europe Gervers, Veronika


Across Three Empires: Balkan Costumes in XVI Century Europe Calvi, Giulia

Chapter Title


Archaic Garments Krizova, Alena

Central & Eastern European Online Library


Beyond Jewellery: Archers’ Rings in the Medieval Balkans (14th-15th Centuries) Bikic, Vesna



Byzantine Jewellery of the Hungarian Conquest Period: A View from the Balkans

pdf Bollok, Adam


Colour Garments: Tradition, Fashion, or Social Mark? The Romanian Principalities in the 16th-17th Centuries Szekely, Maria Magdalena

Chapter Title


Daily life objects of bone and antler in the towns of Medieval Moldavia. Case study: Old Orhei (Republic of Moldova) Bacumenco-Pirnau, Ludmila and Luminita Bejenaru


Ion Beam Analysis of Golden Threads from Romanian Medieval Textiles Balta, Z.I. et al


Moldavian Portrait Textiles Diez, Ernst


The Byzantine Tradition in Wallachian and Moldavian Embroideries Schilb, Henry David


The Influence of the Moravians upon the Leather-Stocking Tales Stockton, Edwin Jr


The Origin and Style of Medieval Glass Found in the Central Balkans Han, V



Textile Remnants in the Archaeological Heritage of the Carpathian Basin from the 10th –11th Centuries Bollok, Adam et al

Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae


Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria Boroffka, Nikolaus



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