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Viking Textiles: Norway

Updated: Apr 9, 2023


Dyes and Wools in Iron Age Textiles from Norway and Denmark Walton, Penelope


Golden Textiles from Gokstad Vedeler, Marianne


"Joining transdisciplinary forces to revive the past Establishing a Viking Garden at the Natural History Museum, Oslo" Kool, Anneleen et al


Identifying plant fibre textiles from Norwegian Merovingian Period and Viking Age graves: The Late Iron Age Collection of the University Museum of Bergen Lukesova, Hana et al


Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns Fransen, Lili etc al



"Medieval Textiles from the Finnegarden Excavation at Bryggen, Bergen." Bergli, Aud

Archaeological Textiles: Report from the Second NESAT Symposium, 1-4 May 1984,


Norse Merchant Hat SCA Faelan Ruadh ua Aodha



Norwegian Textiles Letter - Blue dyes Bingham, Gayle


Osebergfunnet : bind iv, Tekstilene Christiensen, Arne Emil and Margareta Nockert



"Semiotics of the Cloth": Reading Medieval Norse Textile Traditions Tibbs, Kristen Marie

Marshall University


Silk Finds from Oseberg: Production and Distribution of High Status Markers Across Ethnic Boundaries Vedeler, Marianne

Chapter Title


Technology and Textile Production from the Viking Age and the Middle Ages: Norwegian Cases Oye, Ingvild

Chapter Title


Textile Dyes from Gokstad Viking Ship’s Grave Lucejko, Jeanette Jacqueline et al


The History of Hemp in Norway Clarke, Robert C


The Textile Interior in the Oseberg Burial Chamber Vedeler, Marianne

University of Oslo


Things from the Town. Artefacts and Inhabitants in Viking-age Kaupang Pilo, Lars et al


Cover Image: Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo/ Eirik Irgens Johnsen

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