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Updated: Jul 23, 2023


A Hand Carved Viking Age Weaving Sword Verberg, Rolf



Aspects of the Wool Textiles from Viking Age Dublin

Archaeological Textiles in Northern Europe: Report from the 4th NESAT Sympposium 1.-5.May 1990 in Copenhagen pp. 93-104. Tidens Tand 5. Copenhaven: Udgivet af Konservatorskolen Kulturhistorisk Linie/Det Kongelige Dansk Kunstakademi, 1992.

ed. Lise Bender Jørgensen and Elisabeth Munksgaard


‘í litklæðum’ – Coloured Clothes in Medieval Scandinavian Literature Ewing, Thor


Crafts and Social Networks in Viking Towns Ashby, Stephen and Soren Sindbaek


Denmark-Europe: Dress and Fashion in Denmark's Viking Age Krag, Anne Hedeagar

Chapter Title


Detection and Identification of Dyes on Anglo-Scandinavian Textiles Taylor, G.W.


Dyes and Fleece Types in Prehistoric Textiles from Scandinavia and Germany

Jorgensen, Lise Bender and Penelope Walton


Dyeplants from Viking York Hall, RA


Evidence of Tablet Weaving from Viking-age Dublin Pritchard, Frances



Historical, archaeological and linguistic evidence test the phylogenetic inference of Viking-Age plant use Teixidor, Irene et al


Indigo-reducing Clostridium isatidis Isolated from a Variety of Sources, including a 10th-Century Viking Dye Vat Padden, A Nikki et al


Irish Viking Age silks and their place in Hiberno-Norse society Wincott Heckett, Elizabeth



Making the Cloth that Binds Us: The Role of Textile Production in Producing Viking-Age Identities Cartwright, Ben



Norse weaves and Irish woolens in Medieval Ireland: ME falding Sayers, William


Old Fragments of Women’s Costumes from the Viking Age – New Method for Identification

Lukesova, Hana


Reproduction of Horsehair Tablet Braids from Scandinavia's Migration Period

Archaeological Textiles Newsletter, no. 21 (Autumn 1995), pp. 24-26. Sundström, Amica


Silk Braids and Textiles of the Viking Age from Dublin

Archaeological Textiles: Report from the Second NESAT Symposium, 1-4 May 1984, ed. Lise Bender Jørgensen, Bente Magnus, and Elisabeth Munksgaard, eds., pp. 149-61. Arkaeologiske Skrifter 2. Købnhavn: Arkaeologisk Institut, Købnhavns Universitet, 1988.

Lise Bender Jørgensen, Bente Magnus, and Elisabeth Munksgaard, eds


Silk for the Vikings Marianne Vedeler



Tangled up in Blue: The Death, Dress and Identity of an Early Viking-Age Female Settler from Ketilsstaðir, Iceland Smith, Michele Hayeur et al


Textile Networks in Viking-Age towns of Britain and Ireland Rogers, Penelope Walton

Chatper Title


The Common Thread, Textile Production during the Late Iron Age and Viking Age

Book Andersson, Eva


The Valkyries' Loom: The Archaeology of Cloth Production and Female Power in the North Atlantic Smith, Michele Hayeur



Tooth-Tool Use and Yard Production in Norse Greenland

pdf Scott, Richard G. and Ruth Burgett Jolie


Tortoise Brooches, Textile Impressions, and Textiles Malmius, Anita



Towards the identification of dyestuffs in Early Iron Age Scandinavian peat bog textiles


Viking Age garden plants from southern Scandinavia – diversity, taphonomy and cultural aspects Sloth, Pernille Rohde et al


Viking Age Textiles and Tapestries: Drawings by Miranda Bodtker

pdf - Archaeological Textiles Review Jorgensen, Lise Bender et al


Viking Clothing Ewing, Thor



Viking Clothing: Hose and Socks Thunem, Hilde


Viking Men: Trousers and breeches Thunem, Hilde


Viking woollen square-sails and fabric cover factor Crooke, Bill et al


Weaving Wealth: Cloth and Trade in Viking Age and Medieval Iceland

Chapter Title Smith, Michele Hayeur


Woven Cultures: New Insights into Pictish and Viking Culture Contact Using the Implements of Textile Production Stirling, Lindsey and Karen Milek


Woven into the Earth: Textiles from Norse Greenland Ostegaard, Else



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