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Viking Denmark: Archaeological Finds

Updated: Aug 19, 2023


A Late Iron Age Boat‐Grave from Petersdal, Denmark Kastholm, Ole Thirup


"A Major Burial Ground Discovered at Fjälkinge Reflections of Life in a Scanian Viking Village" Helgesson, Bertil


A ritual site with sacrificial wells from the Viking Age at Trelleborg, Denmark

Gotfredsen, Anne Brigitte et al


Denmark - Europe: Dress and Fashion in Denmark's Viking Age Krag, Anne Hedeager

Chapter Title: Northern Archaeological Textiles


Dyes and Wools in Iron Age Textiles from Norway and Denmark Walton, Penelope


Galgedil: isotopic studies of a Viking cemetery on the Danish island of Funen, AD 800–1050


Goldsmiths’ Tools at Hedeby Armbruster, Barbara


Henne Kirkeby, a Special Viking-Age Settlement on the West Coast of Denmakr

Chapter Title: Viking Encounters: Proceedings of the Eighteenth Viking Congress

Frandsen, Lene B


Leather Shoes in Early Danish Cities: Choices of Animal Resources and Specialization of Crafts in Viking and Medieval Denmark Brandt, Luise Orsted et al


Lost and found: Viking Age human bones and textiles from Bjerringhøj, Denmark


Markets in Early Medieval Europe : Trading and 'Productive' Sites, 650-850


New dye analyses of Danish Viking Age textiles from Bjerringhøj, Hvilehøj and Hedeby

Berge, Ina Vanden et al


New Light on a Viking Garment from Ladby, Denmark Krag, Anne Hedeagar




pdf Ingvardson, Gitte


Palaeoproteomics identifies beaver fur in Danish high-status Viking Age burials - direct evidence of fur trade Brandt, Luise Orsted et al


Retting pits for textile fibre plants at Danish prehistoric sites dated between 800 B.C. and A.D. 1050 Andresen, Stina Troldtoft et al


Round Brooches of Tunby/Jägarbacken-Type. An example of Danish Viking Age jewellery and its place in European goldsmith`s art Duczko, Wladyslaw


The Late Viking-Age Royal Constructions at Jelling, central Jutland, Denmark

Holst, Mads Kahler et al


"The sovereign seeress on the use and meaning of a Viking Age chair pendant from Gudme, Denmark." Jessen, Mads Dengso


Vegetal grave goods in a female burial on Bornholm (Denmark) from the Late Roman Iron Age period interpreted in a comparative European perspective Karg, Sabine et al


Viking woollen square-sails and fabric cover factor Cooke, Bill et al


Who was in Harold Bluetooth's Army? Strontium isotope investigation of the cemetery at the Viking Age fortress at Trellborg, Denmark Price, T. Douglas, et al


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