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Tang Dynasty Textiles

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


A Study on the Cultural Exchange of the Weaving Skills and Patterns Witnessed in Geum-textiles between East and West from Ancient Times to the Tang Dynasty Shin, Hey-Sung


A Study of the Tang Dynasty Tax Textiles (Yongdiao Bu) from Turfan Binghua Wang and Helen Wang


Aesthetic Contemplation of the Tang Dynasty Dunhuang Frescoes Elements on Contemporary Costume Design Hong Zhang


An Inductive Study on the Application of Tie-dye in Tang Dynasty Yingli Sun, Min Liu


An Investigation of the Dya Palette in Chinese Silk Embroidery from Dunhuang (Tang Dynasty) Tamburini, Diego et al


Analysis of Women's Dress Color in Tang Dynasty Xiaohua Huang



Appreciating Beauty in Prosperous Tang Dynasty from the Fair Lady Portrayal of Tang


Archeological Evidences: Embroidered Textiles of the Han and Tang Dynasties (206BC-907AD) Unearthed Along the Silk Road Yanghua Kuang



Archaeology and Restoration of Costumes in Tang Tomb Murals Based on Reverse Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction Technology Kaixuan Liu et al


"Clothes and Image Analysis for Laywoman on the Mural of the North Wall in the 17th Grotto of Magao Grottoes" Ting Rong

Asian Social Science; Vol. 10, No. 17; 2014


Determining the Value of Textiles in the Tang Dynasty In Memory of Professor Denis Twitchett (1925–2006)1 Sheng, Angela


Dressing for the Times: Fashion in Tang Dynasty China (618-907) Chen, Bu Yu


Empire of Style: Silk and Fashion in Tang China Chen, Bu Yu



Evolution of Arm Accessories in the Tang Dynasty Lun Bai and Guo-Qiang Chen


Material Girls: Silk and Self-Fashioning in Tang China (618–907) Chen, Bu Yu


On female costume elements of Tang Dynasty in "The longest day in Chang' an"


Reflections of the social status of women through female fashion in the Tang dynasty


Research on the Origin and Development of Hair Band Custom in Tang Dynasty

pdf Qiwang Zhao





Tang dynasty clothing folds information extraction based on single images.

ZHU Yao-lin; LlU Ya-qi; WAN Tao-ruan; WU Tong


Textile Production in China Between the Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty


Textiles and Clothing Excavated from the Tombs of Buzak in Khotan Feng Zhao, Le Wang


The Changes of Ru Skirt in Tang Dynasty Under the Influence of Buddhist Culture


The Costume of Wuji in the Dunhuang Murals of Tang Dynasty Yiliang Jia and Wenjuan Ma



The Effects of Foreign Cultures to the Women Clothes in the Tang Dynasty Ying Ding


The Implicit Beauty and Open Beauty of Tang Dynasty's Aesthetic Taste from Tang Dynasty Noble Women's Clothing Features Li Wan


The Origin of Partial Decorations in Gowns of the Northern Qi and Tang Dynasties

pdf Qiwang Zhao


The "Red" Finery System in the Sui and Tang Dynasties Qing Lang


The Silk Road: Boosting the Textiles Industry in Tang Dynasty Huan, Xiaoyu et al



The Transportation of Tax Textiles to the North-West as part of the Tang-Dynasty Military Shipment System Arakawa, Masahiro and Valerie Hansen


To Explore the Changes in Dress System Affected by Imperial Politics Thinking during Sui and Tang Dynasties Hong XIE, Lan-Lan YAN


Traditional Chinese Clothing: Costumes, Adornments & Culture Yang, Shaorong



Western Cultural Factors in Robes of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties as Well as Sui and Tang Dynasties Qiwang Zhao and Qianyun Lyu



Yellow Silk for Buddha - Dye Analysis on Tang Dynasty Textiles from the Famen Temple Near Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China Hofmann de-Keijzer, Regina et al



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