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Tang Dynasty: Archaeological Finds


A Brief Report of the Excavation of Kang Wentong’s Tomb, Tang Dynasty

Xi’an Institute of Monument Preservation and Archaeology


Analysis of the arts and crafts of Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty Yiliang Jia


Analysis of the Works on the Tang Dynasty Newly Found in Epitaphs Excavated in Luoyang


Chinese Ceramics in the Late Tang Dynasty Krahl, Regina



Court Art of the Tang Karetzky, Patricia Eichenbaum



Glass Materials Excavated from the Kiln Site of TriColor Glazed Pottery at Liquanfang in Chan An City of the Tang Dynasty Jie, Jiang

Chapter Title


Identification of an Ancient Birch Bark Quiver from a Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618–907) Tomb in Xinjiang, Northwest China Huiyun Rao, Yimin Yang , et al


Imperial Tombs in Tang China, 618–907: The politics of paradise Eckfield, Tonia


Provenance study of ceramic sherds excavated from Qinglong Town site during Tang and Song Dynasties by composition and petrography analysis Wang, Enyuan et al


Rare colour in medieval China: Case study of yellow pigments on tomb mural paintings at Xi'an, the capital of the Chinese Tang dynasty Rui Guo, Jian Feng,Ruiliang Liu et al


Seeing through dead eyes: How early Tang tombs staged the afterlife Hay, Jonathan


Study on the Visual Expression of Dunhuang Frescoes and Zhongyuan Tomb Murals in the Tang Dynasty Zhaoxia Li


Tang Tomb Murals Reviewed in the Light of Tang Texts on Painting Fong, Mary H


The Hao Family Tombs of the Tang Dynasty at Xiangyuan, Shanxi

School of Archaeology and Museumology, Shanxi University and Xiangyuan Museum of Antiquity


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