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Sex and Gender: Anatolia

Updated: May 3, 2023


Eventually, I'll try to split out the various cultures into their own posts. But I wanted to make these available sooner rather than later.


Charitable Women and Their PIous Foundations in the Ottoman Empire: The Hospital of the Senior Mother, Nurbanu Valide Sultan Duzbakar, Omer



Correspondence of Ottoman Women During the Early Modern Period (16th-18th Centuries): Overview on the Current State of Research, Problems, and Perspectives Lushchenko, Marina

Chapter Title


Divorce In The Ottoman Sharia Court Of Cyprus, 1580-1640 Jennings, Ronald C


Empress of the East: How a European Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire

Book Peirce, Leslie


Enter, Riding on an Elephant: How to Approach Early Ottoman Edirne Singer, Amy


Gender Roles and Women's Status in Central Asia and Anatolia Between the Thirteenth and

Sixteenth Centuries Dalkesen, Nilgün


Ottoman Women in Public Space Boyar, Ebru and Kate Fleet



Private World of Ottoman Women Goodwin, Godfrey



Prostitution, Islamic Law and Ottoman Societies Baldwin, James E.


Roxolana: The Greatest Empress of the East Yemolenko, Galina



Social and Economic Position of Women in an Ottoman City, Bursa, 1600-1700 Gerber, Haim


The ‘Dual Identity’ of Mahperi Khatun: Piety, Patronage and Marriage across Frontiers in Seljuk Anatolia Yalman, Suzan


The Empress Nurbanu and Ottoman Politics in the Late Sixteenth Century: Building the Atik Valide Kayaaip, Pinar



The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire Peirce, Leslie P.



The Ladies of Rūm: A Hagiographic View of Women in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Anatolia De Nicola, Bruno


The Prohibition of Sunni-Shi'i Marriages in the Ottoman Empire: A Study of Ideologies


The Status of 16th Century Jewish Women in the Ottoman Empire According to Shulhan Hapanim in Ladino Schwarzwald, Ora


Turkish Men and the History of Ottoman Women Barzilai-Lumbroso, Ruth


Women's Emancipation in Turkey Akgun, Sceil


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