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Scotland: Textiles

Updated: Dec 4, 2023


"a sutte of black which will always be of use to you”: Expressions of Difference and Similarity in the Clothing Choices of the Scottish Male Elite Travelling in Europe, 1550–1750


Clothing Among the Picts Ritchie, Anna


Dressing the Scottish Court, 1543–1553: Clothing in the Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland. Medieval and Renaissance Clothing and Textiles Series Bond, Melanie Schussler


Early Textiles Found in Scotland Henshall, Audrey S.

Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 1954


Early Textiles Found in Scotland - Part II Henshall, Audrey S.

Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 1954


European Costume and Textiles in the Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh Tarrant, Naomi


Flax-growing in Orkney from the Norse period to the 18th century

Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Bond, Julie and John Hunter


Henryson's Matter of Style: The Garmont of Gud Ladeis Parkinson, David J


Livery and dule : dressing life and death in the late medieval Scottish royal household Westerhof, Nyman and Joy Perin


Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots Swain, Margaret



Textiles from Fast Castle, Berwickshire, Scotland Ryder, M.L. and Thea Gabra-Sanders


The Ties That Bind: Britain’s Use of Scottish Highland Dress Loranger, David and Eulanda Sanders

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