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Sasanian Textiles


A Persian Textile of the Sasanian Period Shepherd, Dorothy G


A 5th–6th century Sasanian silk taqueté with simurgh design: new analysis and hypothesis of early patterned weaving transmission in Eurasia Boudot, Eric


Archaeological Evidence for Textiles in Pre‐Islamic Iran Kawami, Trudy S.


Cotton and Wool Textile Economy in the Serakhs Oasis during the Late Sasanian Period, the Case of Spindle Whorls from Gurukly Depe (Turkmenistan) Maja Kossowska-Janik, Dominika


CLOTHING in the Sasanian Period Peck, Elsie H. October 25, 2011


Decoration of Fabrics in Sasanian Dynasty Based on Isfahani’s Arabic Description of Paintings of Molouk-e- Bani Sasan Keshmiri , Maryam


Intertextual Study on continuity of Sassanian motifs in Byzantian and Egyptian woven fabrics in post Sassanid era Sayahi , Mahmonir et al


Pattern Power: Textiles and the Transmission of Knowledge Bier, Carol


Sasanian Exegesis of Avestan Textile Terms Andres-Toledo, Miguel Ange


Sasanian ‘Riding-Coats’: The Iranian Evidence Vogelsang-Eastwood, Gillian


Study of Animal Motifs of Sassanid Textile Design Panjehbashi, Elaheh and Sogand Mohazzab Torabi


Textiles in Global Trade: Sasanian Textiles and its Distinctive Motifs Jalali, Maryam



The Later Pre-Islamic Riding Costume Goldman, Bernard


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