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Roman Weapons - Images


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c. 15. Rhineland-Palatinate. Mainz.

Iron sword and tinned and gilded bronze scabbard (sheath). The Sword of Tiberius. Thickness: 0.40 - 1 centimeters (blade) Length: 57.50 centimeters (blade) Length: 8.50 centimeters (hilt (remaining) Length: 58.50 centimeters (scabbard) Width: 7 centimeters (blade) Width: 8.70 centimeters (scabbard). Museum number: 1866,0806.1.

1st Century. Romano British. London. Hammersmith and Fullham.

Iron sword (Parazonicin) with bronze sheath. Length 56.30 centimeters (sheath)(sheath). Museum number: 1883,0407.1

43 to ? Romano Britain. Oxfordshire.

An incomplete iron knife possibly dating to the Roman period, but could date through to the Post Medieval period. 175mm in length, 42.02mm wide across the widest portion of the blade and 10.41mm across the tang. It weighs 79.6g. Unique ID: OXON-921AF8.

43 to 100 CE. Romano Britain. Suffolk.

An incomplete copper alloy Roman knife/razor handle. Length: 56.33mm, width: 11.49mm, thickness: 7.81mm, weight: 23.39g. Unique ID: SF-7F3383.

43 to 250 CE. Romano Britain. Kent.

Iron knife with cast copper alloy handle. Length: 230mm, Width: 31.13mm, Thickness: 11.78mm, Weight: 103.9g. Unique ID PUBLIC-B1D0E9.

40 to 400 CE. Romano Britain. Lincolnshire.

Wrought iron whittle tang knife. Length: 103.7mm, Width: 18.4mm, Thickness (at middle of blade): 5.5mm, Weight: 15.26gms. Unique ID: NLM-381794.

43 to 410 CE. Romano Britain. Yorkshire and the Humber. North Lincolnshire.

Wrought iron whittle tang knife. Length (overall as found): 171mm, Width: 31.0mm, Thickness: 6.7mm, Weight: 93.24gms. Unique ID: NLM-B73A73.

43 to 410 CE. Romano Britain. West Midlands. Staffordshire.

An incomplete copper alloy knife handle. Zoomorphic animal, probably a lion, lying down with head at the end of the handle. It measures 52.3 mm in length, 14.4 mm wide and 18.7 mm thick. It weighs 43.8 g. Unique ID: WMID-8F3C95.

43 to 410 CE. Romano Wales. Monmouthshire.

An incomplete copper alloy knife handle. Zoomorphic animal, probably a duck. Length: 20.8mm, Height: 21.1mm, Width: 12.4mm, Weight: 14.06g. Unique ID: NMGW-296B78.

Iron Age. Romano Britain. Darlinton.

An iron spear head, dating to the Roman period. The spear is leaf shaped with a poorly defined mid rib. There is an oval cut out on one edge of the spear head. Length: 200mm, Width: 55mm, Thickness: 5mm, Weight: 107.1g, Diameter: 16mm. Unique ID: NCL-D10B58.

Iron Age. Romano Britian. Darlington.

A Roman iron spearhead which can be classified as a Manning Type 3 (Narrow Blade with expansion at its base). Length: 127mm, Width: 46mm, Thickness: 3mm,

Weight: 47g. Unique ID: BM-A182A9.

43 to 410 CE. Romano Britain. Yorkshire and the Humber. Barnsley.

An iron possible spear. Length: 124.4mm,

Width: 17.9mm, Thickness: 17.8mm, Weight: 101.03g. Unique ID: SWYOR-44FAC2.

43 to 410 CE. Romano Britain. London.

A corroded iron spearhead of probable Roman date. Length: 101.7mm, Width: 19.1mm, Thickness: 7.5mm, Weight: 38.05g, Diameter: 20mm. Unique ID: LON-20E067.

43 to 450 CE. Romano Britain. Buckinghamshire.

An Incomplete iron spearhead, Length: 165mm, Width: 25mm, Thickness: 11mm,

Weight: 110g, Diameter: 25.09mm. Unique ID: BUC-8F403.

50 to 200 CE. Romano Britain. Westmidlands.

Iron (probable) pilum (or throwing spear / bolt). Length: 155.2mm, Width: 18.2mm,

Thickness: 13.1mm, Weight: 133.6g, Diameter: 12.5mm. Unique ID: HESH-C7CB74.

50 to 410 CE. Romano Britain. Northumberland.

An incomplete, iron spearhead. Length: 127.76mm, Width: 33.45mm, Thickness: 12.09mm, Weight: 137.5g, Diameter: 24.61mm. Unique ID: NCL-953034

200 to 410 CE. Romano Britain. Cambridgeshire.

Late Roman Copper alloy 'votive' spearhead. Length: 82mm, Width: 26mm,

Thickness: 2mm, Weight: 28.23g. Unique ID: LEIC-35D01B.

43 to 410 CE. Yorkshire and the Humber. North Yorkshire, Selby.

Part of a cast, copper alloy artefact, possibly the cover from the butt of a Roman spear, dating from 43-410AD, though it may also be part of the handle from a vessel of some sort. Length: 56mm,

Thickness: 2.1mm, Weight: 49.71g, Diameter: 25.5mm. Unique ID: SWYOR-F87C37.

200 to 600 CE. Romano Britain. West Midlands. Telford and Wrekin.

An incomplete cast copper-alloy 'Door Knob' spear butt of Roman or Early Medieval date. Height: 31mm, Thickness: 1.77mm, Weight: 19.9g, Diameter: 21.34mm. Unique ID: HESH-5D42BA.

200 to 600 CE. East Midlands. Derbyshire.

Late Roman or early Early Medieval cast copper alloy door-knob type spear butt. Length: 55.7mm, Thickness: 2.5mm, Weight: 67.4g, Diameter: 39mm. Unique ID: DENO-C19401.

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