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Ottoman Textiles

Updated: Nov 12, 2023


Thank you to Mistress Nesscia inghenn Chearnaigh for her sharing her sources on Ottoman Clothing.


A Global History of Ottoman Cotton Textiles, 1600-1850 GEKAS, Athanasios


A History of Islamic Court Dress in the Middle East Baker, Patricia Lesley


A Research Paper on the Examination of Underwear Samples in the Topkapi Palace Museum


Blue Printed Cloths of Istanbul Kultur, P Sanat and Antika Dergisi


Characterisation of materials of Topkapi Palace lead foundry building and conservation proposals GÖKHAN ÖZTÜRK


"Clothing and T Clothing and Textiles of Ottoman Egypt: Examples from Art and Archaeology" Adams, Nettie


Differences and Uses Ottoman Kaftans and Robes Gorunur, Lale and Semra Ogel


Enclothed cognition and hidden meanings in important Ottoman textiles


Identification of natural yellow, blue, green and black dyes in 15th–17th centuries Ottoman silk and wool textiles by HPLC with diode array detection Yurdun, Turkan


"Identification of Natural Red Dyes in 15-17th Centuries Ottoman Silk Textiles (Kaftans, Brocades, Velvets and Skullcaps) by HPLC with Diode Array Detection" KARADAG, R et al



International Competition and Domestic Cloth in the Ottoman Empire, 1500-1650: A Study in Undevelopment Braude, Benjamin


Ipek: The Crescent & The Rose: Imperial Ottoman Silks and Velvets



Little Known Ottoman-Period Cotton and Linen Textiles in Oxford's Ashmolean Museum


Miniatures from the Topkapi Museum


Oriental Costumes Their Designs and Colors Litke, Max


Ottoman palace weavings between different periods: material characterization, comparison and suggestions for conservation Güzel, Emine Torgan


Ottoman textiles and Greek clerical vestments: prolegomena on a neglected aspect of ecclesiastical material culture Vryzidis, Nikolaos


Plague, Conflict, and Negotiation: The Jewish Broadcloth Weavers of Salonica and the Ottoman Central Administration in the Late Sixteenth Century Varlik, Nukhet


Principles of Ottoman Turkish Costume Scarce, Jennifer


16th Century Istanbul the Scadian Way


Tablet Weaving: From Anatolia and the Ottoman Court Atilhan, Serife



The Age of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent Atil, Esin


The Clothing Culture of the Turks, and the Entari (Part 1:History) Koc, Fatma and Emine Koca


The Clothing Culture of the Turks, and the Entari (Part 2: The Entari)


The Janissary-Archives


“The Pattern of a Caftan, said to have been worn by Selim II (1512-20) Arnold, Janet




Towards a History of the Greek hil‘at: An Interweaving of Byzantine and Ottoman Traditions


Turkish Fashion in Transition Scarce, Jennifer M


Women's Costume of the Near and Middle East Scarce, Jennifer M



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