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Ostrogoths: Archaeological Finds


A Coin of the Ostrogothic King Theodoric, Discovered in Lukar, Promina

pdf Separovic, Tomislav


Belt Buckle with Almandine Ornament and Pieces of Fabric from a Warrior Grave Discovered in Novi Ceminac, in Baranja Dugonjic, Anita et al



Byzantine, Goths, and Lombards in Italy: Jewellery Dress and Cultural Interaction

pdf Christie, Neil


Characteristics of the end of the Roman Period according to material from Baitai grave site (near Klaipėda) Bantye-Rowell, Rasa


Expressions of Power – Luxury textiles from early medieval northern Europe Marzinzik,Sonja


From Constantine to Charlemagne: An Archaeology of Italy, AD 300-800 Christie, Neil ed.



Gems From Far Away India Pavlovic, Dasa



Multicultural Clothing in Sixth-Century Ravenna Magoula, Olga


Ostrogothic Italy: Questioning the Archaeologies of Settlement Christie, Neil


Ravenna in the Sixth Century: The Archaeology of change Jaggi, Carol


The Ostrogothic buckle with cloisonné decoration from Tortona (Italy) Giostra, Catering


The Study of the Lombards and the Osthrogoths at the German Archaeological Institute of

Rome, 1937-1943 Frohlich, Thomas


The Tracks of an Important Late Roman Germanic Necropolis in Central Italy: The Excavation in the area of Piana del Fiume in the Municipality of Pozzilli, Province of Isernia, Molise

pdf Raddi, Michele


Who Were the Gepids and Ostrogoths on the Middle Danube in the 5th Century? An Archaeological Perspective Racz, Zsofia


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