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Merovingian Textiles


Agriculture, food and environment during Merovingian times: plant remains from three early medieval sites in northwestern Switzerland Brombacher, Christoph and Dominique Hecker


Burial textiles: Textile bits and pieces in central Sweden, AD 500–800 Malmius, Anita


Chemise of St Balthild Textile Research Center, TRC Needles


"Early Merovingian Women’s Brooches" Martin, Max


"Luxurious Merovingian Textiles Excavated from Burials in the Saint Denis Basilica, France in the 6th-7th Century" Desrosiers, Sophie


Merovingian Women's Clothing of The 6th & 7th Centuries Dulcia MacPherson


"Textiles found in a Merovingian woman’s grave at Beerlegem Belgium"

Verhecken-Lammens, Chris et al


Textile Psuedomorphs from a Merovingian Burial Ground at Harmignies, Belgium

Chapter Title Vanhaeke, Lisa and Chris Verhecken-Lammens


The Arnegunde Project: Conjectural Merovingian Clothing of the 6th Century Rizzo, Althea T


The History of Fashion in France: Or, The Dress of Women from the Gallo-Roman Period to the Present Challamel, Augustin



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