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Medieval Russian Textiles

Updated: Jul 23, 2023


A Study of Traditional Russian Women’s Costumes Thu, May Myat


Archaeological textiles of the 10th to the 12th century from the Gaigovo barrow group (Russia, Leningrad oblast) Kochkurkina, Svetlana and Olga Orfinskaya



"From Flax to Linen in the Medieval Rus Lands" Sherman, Heidi



10th Century AD textiles from female burial Li-301 at Gnezdovo, Russia

Orfinskaya, Olga and Tamara Pushkina


Textiles with Golden Threads in the Ancient Rus in the 10th — Early 11th Centuries

Iakovichik, MS


The Burial Dress of the Rus' in the Upper Volga Region (Late 10th-13th Centuries)

Book Stepanova, Iullia


The earliest surviving textiles in East Asia from Chertovy Vorota Cave, Primorye Province, Russian Far East Kuzmin, Yaroslav V et al


The Flax and Linen of Medieval Novgorod Shermand, Heidi M

Chapter Title


The Main Characteristic of the Burial Dress of the Rus’ in the Upper Volga Region Chapter Title Stepanova, Julia


Women's Clothing in Kievan Rus Sofya la Rus



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