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Mali: Archaeological Finds


A Cache of Hippopotamus Ivory at Gao, Mali; and a Hypothesis of its Use Insoll, Timothy


African Archaeology and the ‘Chalk Line Effect’: A Consideration of Māli City and Siğilmāsa


Archaeological Investigations of Early Trade and Urbanism at Gao Saney (Mali)


Archaeological investigations of Iron Age sites in the Mema region, Mali (West Africa)

proquest Togola, Tereba


Archaeology, luxury and the exotic: the examples of Islamic Gao (Mali) and Bahrain MacLean, Rachel and Timothy Insoll


Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Art, Culture, and Exchange across Medieval Saharan Africa, Bickford Berzock, Kathleen


Chemical Analysis of Some Glasses from Jenne-Jeno Brill, Robert H



Copper-based metal in the Inland Niger delta: metal and technology at the time of the Empire of Mali Garenne-Marot, Lawrence and Benoit Mille



Dia Shoma (Mali), a medieval cemetery in the inner Niger delta Zeltoun, V, et al


Excavating Essouk-Tadmakka (Mali): new archaeological investigations of early Islamic trans-Saharan trade Nixon, Sam


Excavations at Gao Saney: New Evidence for Settlement Growth, Trade, and Interaction on the Nige r Bend in the First Millennium CE Cisse, Mamadou et al



Excavations at Jenné-Jeno, Hambarketolo, and Kaniana (Inland Niger Delta, Mali) the 1981 Season McIntosh, Susan Keech



Glass Beads from Medieval Gao (Mali): New Analytical Data on Chronology, Sources, and Trade McIntosh, Susan Keech et al



Gao and Igbo-Ukwu: Beads, interregional trade, and beyond Insoll, Timothy and Thurstan Shaw


Iron age occupation in the Méma region, Mali Togola, Tereba




Looting the antiquities of Mali: the story continues at Gao Insoll, Timothy


Medieval textiles from the Tellem Caves in central Mali, West Africa Bedaux, Rogier and Rita Bolland


New light on the early Islamic West African gold trade: coin moulds from Tadmekka, Mali


On the Margins of Ghana and Kawkaw: Four Seasons of Excavation at Tongo Maaré Diabal (AD 500-1150), Mali Gestrich, Nikolas and Kevin C MacDonald



Oursi hu-beero. A medieval house complex in Burkina Faso, West Africa Petit, LP editor



Plant use at an early Islamic merchant town in the West African Sahel: the archaeobotany of Essouk-Tadmakka (Mali) Nixon, Sam et al


Refining gold with glass – an early Islamic technology at Tadmekka, Mali Rehren, Thomas and Sam Nixon


The Archaeology of West Africa, ca. 800 BCE to 1500 CE Dueppen, Stephen A


The Dia archaeological project: rescuing cultural heritage in the Inland Niger Delta (Mali)


The Medieval Cemetery at Sane. A History of the Site from 1939 to 1950 Flight, Colin


The Search for Takrur. Archaeological Excavations and Reconnaissance along the Middle Senegal Valley R.J. McIntosh, S.K. McIntosh & H. Boucoum (Eds.)



Timbuktu and Europe: trade, cities and Islam in ‘medieval’ West Africa Insoll, Timothy

Timbuktu and Europe: trade, cities and Islam in ‘medieval’ West Africa

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