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Italy Sex & Gender

Updated: Sep 24, 2023


A Cell of Their Own: The Incarceration of Women in Late Medieval Italy Geltner, Guy


Abandoned Children of the Italian Renaissance: Orphan Care in Florence and Bologna

Book Terpstra, N


Becoming a Blond in Renaissance Italy Stephens, Janet


Cherchez la Femme: Finding Renaissance Women's Lives in Italian Archives Murphy, Caroline P


Collecting Women: Three French Kings and Manuscripts of Empire in the Italian Wars


Convent as Classroom: The Education of Women in Renaissance Italy Weiss, Jessica Nicole


Cosmetics in Roman Antiquity: Substance, Remedy, Poison Olson, Kelly


Disputes and disparity: women in court in  medieval southern Italy  Skinner, Patrica

University of Reading


Family and Gender in Renaissance Italy, 1300-1600 Kuehn, T



Family Interests? Women’s Power: the absence of family in dowry restitution cases in fifteenth‐century Valencia Wessell, Dana Justina


Fatherhood in late Lombard Italy Balzaretti, Ross


Father of the Bride: Fathers, Daughters, and Dowries in Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Venice Queller, Donald E


Female Representation and Violence in the Ceremonial Entries of the Italian Wars


Gender and Civic Authority: Sexual Control in a Medieval Italian Town Lansing, Carol


Gender and Insult in an Italian City: Bologna in the later Middle Ages Dean, Trevor


Gender and Society in Renaissance Italy Brown, JC



Gender, war, and the State: The military management of Alda Pio Gambara during the Italian Wars Bowd, Stephen


In Widow's Habit: Women between Convent and Family in Sixteenth-Century Milan


Intimate Strangers: Slave Women as Wetnurses in Medieval Genoa Cluse, Christoph


Law, Family, and Women: Toward a Legal Anthropology of Renaissance Italy Kuehn, Thomas



Lesbian (In)Visibility in Italian Renaissance Culture: Diana and Other Cases of donna con donna Simons, Patricia


Lettere tra Paolo Giordano Orsini e Isabella de' Medici (1556-1576): In appendice lettere a Isabella dai fratelli, da sovrani, principi, ambasciatori e altri

Book Mori, Elisabettea Ed.


Lineage strategies and the control of widows in Renaissance Florence Chabot, Isabelle



Lucrezia Marineli and Women's Identity in Late Italian Renaissance Allen, Prudence and Filippo Salvatore


Machiavelli in Love: Sex, Self, and Society in the Italian Renaissance Ruggiero, Guido



Making Their Own Way: Women of Means in Late Renaissance Milan Fregulia, JM



Marriage and Consent in Pre-Tridentine Venice: Between Lay Conception and Ecclesiastical Conception, 1420-1545 Cristellon, Cecilia


Marriage, Dowry, and Citizenship in Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy Krishner, Julius



Marriage Transactions in Renaissance Italy and Mauss's Essay on the Gift Bestor, Jane Fair


Medieval and Renaissance matrons, Italian-style King, Catherine



Parading in Public: Patrician Women and Sumptuary Law in Renaissance Siena


Parishes and Patriarchy: Gender and Boundaries in Late Medieval Venice Madden, TF




Prescribing Fashion: Dress, Politics and Gender in Sixteenth-Century Italian Conduct Literature Currie, Elizabeth


Private Lives and Public Lies: Texts by Courtesans of the Italian Renaissance


Renaissance Women Patrons: Wives and Widows in Italy, C. 1300-1550

Book King, Catherine E. and Margaret L King


Rethinking Modes of Political Influence: Catherine de' Medici and her Female Political Network Benner, Kelly A.


Savonarola's Women: Visions and Reform in Renaissance Italy Herzig, Tamar



"That's How It Is": Comic Travesties of Sex and Gender in Early Sixteenth Century Venice

Chapter Nicholson, Eric A.


The Business of Prostitution in Early Renaissance Venice Clarke, Paula C.


The Honest Courtesan: Veronica Franco, Citizen and Writer in Sixteenth-Century Venice

Book Rosenthal, Margaret F.


The Manly Masquerade: Masculinity, Paternity, and Castration in the Italian Renaissance

Book Finucci, Valeria


The Strozzi of Florence: Widowhood and Family Solidarity in the Renaissance Crabb, Anne



Thwarted Ambitions: Six Learned Women of the Italian Renaissance King, Margaret Leah


Urban Growth and Family Structure in Medieval Genoa Hughes, Daine Owens


Renaissance Women Patrons: Wives and Widows in Italy, c. 1300-1550 King, C



Shining Eyes, Cruel Fortune: The Lives and Loves of Italian Renaissance Women Poets

Book Jaffe, Imma B


Sumptuary laws and prostitution in late medieval Italy Brundage, James A


The Portraiture of Women During the Italian Renaissance Masters, Rachel D


Widowhood and poverty in late medieval Florence Chabot, Isabelle


Women and Space in a Renaissance Italian City Ghirardo, D



Women Between the Law and Social Reality in Early Renaissance Italy Meek, Christine



Women During the Italian Renaissance: Stereotypes vs Realities Credit, Leslie K


Women, Gender, and Rulership in Medieval Italy Hurlburt, Holly S.


Women in Italian Renaissance Art: Gender, Representation and Identity Tinagli, Paola



Women in the Streets: Essays on Sex and Power in Renaissance Italy Cohn, SK



Women's Property Rights in Portugal Under Dom Joao (1385-1433): A Comparison With Renaissance Italy Sperling, J


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