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Italian Metalwork


Artful crafts: the influence of metalwork on Athenian painted pottery Vickers, Michael


Decorated Metalwork in the Museo Dell' Abbazia, Bobbio, Italy Ryan, Michael


Guide to Provincial Roman and Barbarian Metalwork and Jewelry in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Metropolitan Museum of Art



Inventing engraving in Vasari's Florence Roberts, Sean


Materials and technological aspects of gilded buckles from a North Eastern Medieval Italian context Gialanela, Stefano et al



Study of the Metallography of Some Roman Swords Lang, Janet


The function of Chalcolithic metalwork in Italy: an assessment based on use-wear analysis


The Metal Finds From the Site of Verticella (Scarlino, Grosseto): Preliminary Results From the Study of an Early Medieval Assemblage Agostini, Alexander

The neU-Med Project

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