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Islamic World: Textiles

Updated: Mar 6, 2022


Costume in the Middle East Stillman, Yedida K. and Nancy Micklewright


Construction of Turkmen Coats Gervers, V.


Islamic Courtly Textiles & Trade Goods 14th-19th Century Galloway, Francesca



Islamic Honorific Garment Baker, Patricia L.


Islamic Tapestry Woven Fragment Metropolitan Museum of Art


Material for a History of Islamic Textiles up to the Mongol Conquest Serjeant, R.B.

Ars Islamica Vol. 9 (1942), pp. 54-92. Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution and Department of the History of Art, University of Michigan.


New Data on Islamic Textiles from the Geniza Stillman, Yedida K


Primitive Rugs of the "Konya" type in the Mosque of Beysheshir Riefstahl, Rudolf


Some Islamic Determinants of Dress and Personal Appearance in Southwest Asia

Khil'a 3 (2007-2009) pg 25-33 Schick, Irvin Cemil



Firth, Richard and Marie-Louise Nosch


Textile as Traveller Shea, Eiren


Textiles from Pazyryk Rubison, Karen


Textile Hoard From Jericho Cave 38 in the Qarantal Cliff Shamir, Orti and Alisa Baginski



Textiles of the Islamic World Gillow, John



The qamīṣ in "Sūrat Yūsuf": A Prolegomenon to the Material Culture of Garments in the

Formative Islamic Period Greifenhagen , F.V.


The Textile Performance of the Written Word: Islamic Robes of Honour (Khila)

Chapter Title Sauer, Rebecca


Tiraz textiles: a review of past treatments in preparation for the opening of the new Gallery of Islamic Art at the Detroit Institute of Arts Sutcliffe, Howard


Trade and Textiles from Medieval Antioch Vordertstresse, Tasha


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