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Heian Era Japan: Textiles


A Study of the Clothes Phenomenon of the Heian Period of Japan


Color Fastness of Sappanwood-Dyed Silk and Insights into the Clothing Life of the Heian Period Takahashi, Tetsuya et al


Covering One's Face: The Hidden Visages of Japanese Women From the Heian Period to the Edo Period


Funeral Costume of the Heian Period With a Focus on Sofuku


Japanese Textiles as Described in the Literature of Japan from 552 to 1185

Richards, Lynne


My Son for my Daughter and my Daughter for My Son: Clothing, Gender, and Power in Heian Japan

PDF Caswell, Ruth Avalon


Radiance and Darkness: Color at the Heian Court

ProQuest Dusenbury, Mary McClintock


Text and Textile: Unweaving the Female Subject in Heian Writing


The Color Aesthetic Characteristics of the Heian Period Expressed in Japanese Contemporary Fashion


The Costumes and Cultures of Kouge in the Era of Kamakura and the end of the Heian in Japan Lee, Jae-Yeon


The Men's Costumes of Heian Era Japan through < Won-si-mul-eo-heo-gwon>


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