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Greek & Roman Textiles

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Thank you to The Honorable Lady Aelin Kausi for sharing her research.


A Textile Workshop From Roman Times: the villa de Antigons Prevosti, Marta



An offprint from Greek and Roman Textiles and Dress: an Interdisciplinary Anthology Harlow, Mary and Marie-Louise Nosch (editors)


Again, What Meaning Lies in Colour! Culham, Phyllis


Ancient Greek Prostitutes and the Textile Industry in Attic Vase-Painting ca. 550–450 B.C.E.


Ancient Greek, Roman & Byzantine Costume Houston, Mary G



Ancient Greek Yarn-Making Kissell, Mary Lois


Ancient Greek Weaving, Experimental Archeology on Greek Textiles and Household GDP

Palmer, Richard J


Button-and-Loop Fasteners in the Roman Provinces Wild, J.P.


Buttons and there uses in Greek garments Elderkin, Kate


Cloth in Crete and Cyprus Smith, Joanna S. and Iris Tzachili


Collegia Centonariorum: The Guilds of Textile Dealers in the Roman West Jinyu Lin



Colour-Coding the Roman Toga Brons, Cecilie et al


Comparing Ordinary Craft Production: Textile and Pottery Production in Roman Asia Minor


Current Research on Roman Dress Morgan, Faith Pennick


Dress and the Roman Woman: Self-Presentation and Society Olson, K


Dressing the Part: The Costume of Roman Women Schneck, Catherine


Dressing to Please Themselves: Clothing Choices for Roman Women Harlow, Mary Elizabeth


Dulcia's Roman Closet


Embellishment Techniques of Classical Greek Textiles. Spantidaki, Stella



Female Dress and Slavic Bow Fibulae in Greece. Curta, Florin


Greek and Roman Clothing: Some Technical Terms Casson, Lionel


Greek and Roman Dress from A to Z Davis, Glenys and Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones



Greek Clothing Regulations: Sacred and Profane? Mills, Harrianne


Matrona and Whore: The Clothing of Women in Roman Antiquity Olson, Kelly


Making Textiles in Pre-Roman and Roman Times: People, Place, and Identities

Book Gleba, M. and J. Pasztokai-Szeoke eds


Minoan Dress Myres, John L.


Motif and Symmetry Characteristics of the Ornamentation of Traditional Greek From the Area of the Agean

PDF Lekka, L et a


Picturing Homeric Weaving: The Center for Hellenic studies Edmunds, Susan T


Problems in Greek Dress Terminology: Kolpos and apoptygma Lee, Mirielle M.


Purpureae Vestes I. Textiles y tintes del Mediterraneo en epoca romana

Book Giner, Carmen Alfaro


Reconstructing the Ancient Greek Warp Weighted Loom Reeves Flores, Jodi


Redefining ancient textile handcraft structures, tools and production processes: proceedings of the VIIth International Symposium on Textiles and Dyes in the Ancient Mediterranean World (Granada, Spain 2-4 October 2019) Javier, Imenez Avila F.


Roman Underwear Revisited


Roman Clothing and Fashion Croom, Alexandra



Roman Dress and the Fabrics of Roman Culture Edmonson, Jonathan and Alison Keith



Roman Textiles Rogers, Penelope Walton et al


"Some New Light on Roman Textiles." Wild, John-Peter

Textilsymposium Neumünster: Archaeologische Textilfunde, Textilmuseum Neumünster, 1982, pp. 10-24.


Spinning and Weaving: Ideas of Domestic Order in Homer Pantelia, Maria C


Spinning and Weaving in Ancient Greece British Museum Education Materials



Textile Manufacture in the Northern Roman Provinces Wild, JP


Textiles and their painted imitations in early medieval Rome Osborne, John


The Ambiguity of Greek Jenkins, Ian D


The Fabric of the City of Athens: Imaging Textile Production in Classical Athens

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens Budnrick, Sheramy D.


The Textile Industry in Roman Britain Wild, J.P.


The Multicolored World of the Romans Goldman, Rachael B.


The Technique of Greek and Roman Weaving Hooper, Luther


The “Third Way”: Treveran Women’s Dress and the “Gallic Ensemble” Rothe, Ursula


The War in Greek Garb (Chapter Title) Proskurina, Vera


The World of Roman Costume Sebesta, Judith Lynne and Larissa Bonfante (eds)



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