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Greco-Roman Archaeological Finds

Updated: Mar 4, 2023


A special group of early Christian glass ‘gems’ from Greece Antonaras, Anastassios


A Weapon from the Turn of the Epochs – A Unique Spatha from Lake Nidajno in Prussia


At the Edge of Empire: Iron Age and Early Roman Metalwork in the East Midlands Farley, Julia


Conservation in situ of two Germanic Swords of Spatha Type Urucu, Virginia et al



Duckpool, Morwenstow : A Romano-British and Early Medieval Industrial Site and Harbour

Book Ratcliffe, Jeanette


Fragments from the 'Life Histories' of Jewellery Belonging to Prostitutes in Early-Modern Rome Storey, Tessa


Greek, Roman, and Etruscan Jewelry Oliver Jr, Andrew


Identifying Migrant Communities: A Contextual Analysis of Grave Assemblages from Continental Late Roman Cemeteries Swift, Ellen


Late Hellenistic and Early Roman Invention and Innovation: The Case of Lead-Glazed Pottery Greene, Kevin


Leatherwork in Southeastern Britain in the Roman Period Keily, Jackie and Quita Mould

Agriculture and Industry in Southeastern Roman Britain




M. Treister, Finds of Metal Elements of Roman Military Costume and Horse-Harness in the North Pontic Area Treister, M Yu


New finds of Roman armor from the legionary fortress at Novae (Moesia Inferior) Dyczek, Piotr


Objects made of antler and antler production in the Roman Municipium Iuvavum (Salzburg)

pdf Lang, F


Preliminary report on the leatherwork from Roman Berenike, Egyptian Red Sea Coast (1994–2000) Veldmeijer, A.J.

PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology


Roman Archaeology in Medieval Rome Goodson, Caroline J

Chapter Title


Societal changes in the Hellenistic, Roman and early Byzantine periods. Results from the Sagalassos Territorial Archaeological Survey 2008 (southwest Turkey) Kaptijn, Eva et al


The Leather Trades in Roman Yorkshire and Beyond Van Driel-Murray, C

Chapter Title


The Water Bag of Roman Soldiers Volken, Marquita


The Zoninus Collar and the Archaeology of Roman Slavery Trimble, Jennifer


Three Late Roman 'Purse' Hoards from Aphrodisias Hoover, Oliver


Two Examples of Late Celtic and Early Roman Metalwork from South Lincolnshire Moore, C.N.


Vindolanda and the Dating of Roman Footwear Van Driel-Murray, Carol


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